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  • Strava: segment too short
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    Is this a new thing?

    I wanted to set a segment on a hill i recently discovered. Its a steep technical climb of about 250m, but strava says its too short to time accurately and won’t let me add the segment. It seems like a sensible approach to segments, but they should probably look at ride time not distance. Its the same length as existing descent sections which are (obviously) way faster

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    Just set the segment to start before the hill and end after the hill?

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    It must be new – there’s segments round here you can throw your gps the length of to record a time.

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    Are you sure it’s not letting you not just advising you? If so this is new.

    There are some very short segments about though. Ones where you will never really have any accuracy in the results.

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    Just double checks and its definately not letting me.

    @perchy, can go either way on a fireroad at the top and there are a couple of ways to access the bottom as well so wouldnt really work.

    Not super fussed and I guess it will cut down on number of segments so is a good idea.

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    I think the minimum segment distance is now ~0.4 miles, just start the segment approaching the hill, or extend after (to show who gets back up to speed after the effort).

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