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  • bigyinn

    Here’s one for all Strava’ers out there.
    I currently have it set that any rides that finish at home dont display the last 2km of the ride, as I dont want some scrote working out where I live and nicking my bikes!
    If I set up a private segment that finishes at my home address will it actually work? Its only for my benefit really.
    I await the hive…..


    Good question.

    Why not just set one up on Strava, see if it works, and post us the answer?


    Not in my experience, no. It doesn’t register segments that start or end anywhere within the excluded zone, regardless of whether they’re private or not


    Nope, as cp says if it starts or finishes in your privacy zone it won’t register.


    Shouldn’t you be warming down by then? 😉


    You’ll be telling me I need to do stretches next.

    I’ve tried setting it up and it does show up, but only against the ride I’d created it on, its not showing up against any other rides. 😥

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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