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  • Strava route query
  • maxb

    I’m new to Strava and awaiting my GPS but I’m signed up and I manually created a complete circular route I ride. Looking at the route on Strava it lists all the segments that others have logged but will my route become available to others to ride and log times?

    If I ride it with the GPS and then sync this to Strava will it tie it in with the route or just log it as a load of segments?

    Lastly I manually entered my time for the route in my activity but how can I link this to the actual route itself that I created?

    Thanks chaps.


    By default all routes you upload to Strava are public you can reduce this in several ways from global options down to individual rides.

    For others to log times against your ride you have to use it to create a segment otherwise it’s just a ride that happens to link a set of other segments. I.e. you have to explicitly create a segment either from part or all of your ride.

    When you upload a ride from your GPS to Strava, all the times are worked out and displayed. So you’ll see the ride as whatever name you give it plus there’ll be text like “Maxb rode this at 8:50am” and beneath it a list of your times over any segments that you happened to ride.

    Unless you are really quick and get in the top ten you don’t get any cups the first time you ride a segment but the second time you will either get a PB or a 2nd best time.

    Looking at the route on Strava it lists all the segments that others have logged but will my route become available to others to ride and log times?

    Your ride will be logged as an individual ride (ie the full route), plus you’ll see your time on any segments you’ve gone through on the way.

    Other people will see your name appear on the leaderboard for segment times, and if they click on the link to your ride, will see your route that day, although I think you can make this private.

    Not sure how you’d manually combine the route with your time.


    Thanks guys, very helpful.

    One other issue – how do you search for routes on there as opposed to segments (or is there no difference in Strava’s eyes)?

    ie how does someone find the route I created manually now?

    Or do I have to wait until I ride it and log the GPS data for it to appear?

    And will it then automatically assign it to the route I manually created as both are the ‘same’?



    There’s a big difference between “Routes” and “Activities”

    Routes that you create on Strava are just there for your use, to follow while you are logging rides on GPS. I don’t think that they are visible to anyone else, and they have no link to segments.
    (edit : you can share your routes with people, but you have to send them a link)

    Strava only uses GPS tracks from rides (“Activities”) in their database. If you want to look at other peoples rides, then searching by “Activity search” in the “Explore” section will find some. Or you can look at existing segments and see peoples GPS recordings of rides.

    This will all be a lot clearer when you get a GPS device and start using it!


    Thanks v much, understood and you’re right, I should be more patient! 🙂

    Wasted my time killing myself on a 23 mile circular blast this morning then…!

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