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    Simple solution, add a new segment on a popular downhill and name it after him…

    “xxx may be quick uphill but he wont get KOM down here”

    or similar (there are probably size limits to names so you might have to get creative). If its a popular trail it should pop up on loads of peoples rides Recall seeing a footpath descent in the Peak that’s on strava named ‘Just because you keep making this hidden won’t stop us riding it’ or something similar 🙂

    I have quite a few QOM’s – but I put that down to the limited number of ladies in the road, makes me happy when I score well without the gender filter on though


    I can’t quite believe the density of segments on rides that people in the UK post up – there’s more green than whit on the elevation profiles!

    Anyone who takes it too seriously is making a grave error IMO. There are so many variables involved: GPS device variance, wind, temperature, group riding, solo riding, road/trail surface changes… still, it’s good fun, keeps me motivated and makes me push myself harder. And it’s free.


    I’m new to this, but I have planed tonight’s ride around getting the most amounts of segments in as I can! Might make me crack on a bit!

    Did cut gate yesterday and got a few top tens on the downs! But really crap on the ups! Must try harder

    I have noticed some people are setting the segment to start just before the top of a hill, where a lot of people will stop to regroup, before the down! Checky, but clever


    There’s a (Strava) 4th Cat climb a few miles away. The times up it are incredible.

    That might be because you have to climb about 100 feet in 0.6 miles.

    Not sure how this one got categorised as a climb!

Viewing 5 posts - 41 through 45 (of 45 total)

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