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  • martinxyz

    Might send it to “people do the funniest things!” Might give you the £250 cash!

    Nice pics Innes. I thought the Haribo Hill bridge would probably be a good place to get action shots of fallers but never saw any. I cleaned it and the hill 10 times but then started walking it after a very close wobble because I was too tired. The muddy descent just before the 2nd marshall station is where I saw most crashes! I was guilty of the occasional dab there myself.

    The place I saw most “offs” was the lumpy big rock towards the end of the rocky section – someone would get it wrong or stop there and cause a bit of a pile-up behind. I nearly launched myself over the bars in a dip between rocks in the middle of the night (fortunately nobody about to witness it!)


    Video of the lap from Alpine Bikes (not all speeded up – just the first few secs)



    You got dibbed by Jojo’s dad!


    Martin: Definitely not for public release ❗

    Shame the video misses the rocks. Usual GoPro crappy mount too. GoPro cameras are good (assuming that’s what it is) but the mounts are rubbish – too flexible and hard to clamp up tight without making some of your own modifications.


    sweet ! brings back some good memories, anyody else find the route engrained in their minds after the weekend ?

    so any 24hr virgins got the bug and signed up for more ?

    Premier Icon epicyclo

    doglover – Member
    …anyody else find the route engrained in their minds after the weekend ?…

    That is why I spend the rest of the year avoiding it as much as possible. 🙂

    Assuming Gronk was third then he is a top bloke.

    Met him on the last lap and rode a bit with him.

    He stopped and thanked all the marshals on that lap and had a wee chat.

    Well done fella you looked proper puggled at that last marshal station.

    Premier Icon ewangronk

    Brown- Its just clicked who you are. Well done mate, that second place was well deserved. There was no way I could match your last two laps and I just couldn’t face going out again for another. With me it was my chest that gave up, I just couldn’t breath anymore but after that many laps everyone was suffering from their own problems. Great race tho and I made it exciting that it went down to the wire.

    onehundredthidiot – Cheers, I was proper pooped at the end but thats what its about. I cant wait till next year already.

    Premier Icon ewangronk

    So two weeks ago I was hurting around this time and it was just the halfway point. Hows everyone recovered? My knees are now feeling almost normal again and the feeling has almost returned to my thumbs.


    My feet still hurt, they swelled up and I couldn’t walk for four days, only got back on the bike today.

    I only did 14laps too, dunno how people managed so much more.

    Ps. Epicyclo, if you see this email me, I still have your brake pads, need to return them or pay you for them.

    Premier Icon terrahawk

    my back’s still a bit sore, but it’s ok if I sit around doing nowt.

Viewing 13 posts - 121 through 133 (of 133 total)

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