Stratford olympic park mtb trails £6/hour a bit expensive?

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  • Stratford olympic park mtb trails £6/hour a bit expensive?
  • You’d all know better than me how much the Olympics cost and the impact upon the economy, but judging from that Telegraph article I linked to it does seem to be a big money pit. From my recollection they’re down at least £1 billion on what they need to complete the legacy. £650m needs to repaid, while at least that amount needs to be spent. I’m not sure if the £200m for stadium seating is included either, and Boris expects it to cost £10m pa to maintain. Sounds like they should impose tariffs on Westfield which is raking it in!

    On a related note I saw a documentary fairly recently about how the Olympics were developed against challenging environmentally friendly targets. Given that the soil was polluted they washed it all with equipment and infrastructure they developed instead of carting it away and replacing it. You can imagine the whole enterprise experienced financial largesse.


    Pay to ride in London, was only a matter of time! Money really does dull the senses!

    Seems kind of practical to me. One small trail surrounded by millions of potential riders. If you didn’t charge for it you’d probably get so many people on the trail it would be like the M25 in rush hour.

    Of course a peak pricing system would be better so that you can go for a night ride for free.


    One day the whole country will be like this… Once they build the high speed rail link so london can spill out to the rest of the country!

    Seems a lot relative to other trail centers, but………

    Others are built to attract money into areas which need it (Borders, Wales etc) or to make money/break even (Aston Hill). This is presumably the latter, so it won’t be free.

    Compares to training sessions at velodromes which are open to roadies on normal bikes (brakes and gears), and that’s just a 400m concreet oval.

    Compares to swimming.

    Compaes to a round on a council pitch’n’put golf course.

    Significantly cheeper than the cost of getting out of London to Surrey/Swinley/Aston Hill/Epping etc.

    Probably less per hour than the cost of buying/maintaining a lot of peoples bikes! £2k bike, how many actualy do more than 1000miles in a year (two hours a week, every week, all year)?

    I still wouldn’t pay it, I refuse to pay to ride at Swinely and that’s 3x longer!

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    I also bet lots of you spend £££ getting to the trail centre’s in car expenses. Having a local spot offsets some of that cost, no?


    Still thinking it’s quite pricey if you’ve got to travel there. especially surprised about it being £4 for kids, not much of a legacy for local youngsters coming from one of the poorest boroughs in the country.

    This is the issue for me. What sort of legacy will be left if you make it too expensive for the people who would benefit most from it?

    Compared with Manchester (Free trails and cheaper indoor BMX) it just seems to be aimed at the affluent rather than the local community.

    Comparing it to swimming is just silly, a swimming pool is typically a massive building with very high running costs. Even a golf course is generally a large parcel of land that could possibly be put to other uses and needs a lot of maintenance and ground staff to keep it playable.

    A bike track can be irregularly shaped to go wherever it isn’t practical or economically viable to build anything else. For large sections it really need to be no wider than 1.5 metres and it requires little maintenance and even less staffing.


    Guys I was at the indoor track yesterday and asked about the mtb trails. The cost is £6 for the day NOT just one hour, hope that helps. Also during school term on a Wednesday it is just £2, not sure how long this will be for though. I intend to ride it soon so will repost when done


    It’s right in the centre of London, where else can you go mountain biking within 3 miles of the city? It’s only £2 on a Wednesday. I’m going there twice a week, there’s no one else there. At the moment you’ve got the place to yourself – not sure that will last. Twice round the circuit is a good workout, there’s plenty of challenges. If you get there once during the week, you’ll be in much better shape for a weekend ride.


    how much is a cheap day return to the North Downs?

    By god, it looks dull. You’d have to pay me to ride there!

    Check out the ‘black’ section just before 7 mins…



    is he wearing a knee pad?

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