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  • Strapping camping gear to rear bike rack.
  • jkomo

    We’re off camping soon and I’ve bought a load of gear.
    Im pretty sure it won’t fit in the car, so I thought I’d try strapping the light stuff, chairs, windbreak and body boards to the rear of the car on my Saris bones 3.
    We’re not taking bikes.
    Has anyone tried this? can’t think why it wont work.

    I’ve just come back from the lakes down the M6 and saw this done. I thought it was a really good idea. They had a very large tent bag and other random stuff strapped to a towbar mounted carrier, so a little different to what you’re intending.


    Hey jkomo,

    I just thought of a way to misuse plastic seals. They are very strong. We use them to strap our show lights to a huge bar. It is very cheap and easy to adjust them during rehearsal.

    I could imagine, they could be very useful straping things together.

    You can use them for many other different purposes. You can get these strong plastic seals online, or probably in any good hardware store.


    That’s a stoopid idea




    Could you deploy your tent as an air brake?

    Greeting ohh knight of SPAMALOT!

    As for the original idea, can’t see why not, depending on your car there’s probably a better way though. I’m sure I’ve seen soft roof boxes(bags?) which are just secured with webbing straps through the doors.

    Only problems I can forsea are:
    a) Police or Highways Wombles could pull you over for an unsafe lod if they don’t like the look of it.
    b) it’d get very wet if it’s not in a drybag of some sort (another reason to get a ‘propper’ one).

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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