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  • Strange things you see on your ride
  • Premier Icon senor j

    I’ve remembered one.
    last year ,coming into Tottenham marshes on the Lea canal there was a battered old barge.
    It was noon and masses of alternative lifestyle types were still in the throws of last nights poisons .
    People were dancing,fornicating,defecating & urinating within yards of the barge ,which was bouncing!
    I had to laugh .
    Apparently , due to the Olympics/security loads of barge folk had been moved out of sight of the Olympic park.


    Man eating Birdseye Potato Waffles straight from the packet, sat on a park bench around the corner from a supermarket. I had no idea just how waffly versatile they are.

    Premier Icon stratman

    Maybe a bit dull compared to the exotic sights above, but on the high peak trail last Friday, warm, humid and still. Got to the short tunnel under the A515 near Parsley Hay and it had a layer of mist in it. Never seen anything like that. Breeze picked up while we were in the pub and it had gone when we got back.

    Premier Icon Johnny Panic

    Week last Wednesday, 2 Apache gunships flying low over Ladybower.

    Also passed a couple of teenagers banging away on a bench recessed into the shrubbery. Don’t think either of us saw the other coming. 🙂

Viewing 4 posts - 91 through 94 (of 94 total)

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