Strange dahsboard related driving phenomema – local to me or nationwide?

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  • Strange dahsboard related driving phenomema – local to me or nationwide?
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    I’ve started to notice these around town enough to realise there’s a trend. Nationwide or just local?

    1. Massive gym bag (usually pink, ideally with logo prominently displayed) wedged on the dashboard of a small hatchback blocking half the windscreen. Driven by someone who undoubtedly does not apply themselves at the gym and almost certainly used to have a “powered by fairy dust” sticker on their first car. I think the point is to show off your gym going credentials.

    2. Number plate wedged on dashboard rather than attached to the car where it’s supposed to be. Usually on some sort of middle of the road hatch back debadged to make you think it’s a sporty model. I have no idea what this is about.

    Premier Icon xora

    2 is probably because the cars in Fast and Furious don’t have front license plates as they are not required in most US states 😀

    Premier Icon thisisnotaspoon

    2 is so you can remove it for a track day. It’s still illegal though as it should be +/- a certain angle from vertical.

    Premier Icon tomd

    Righto so there must be a lot more 1.4l Astras at track days than I imagined!

    Premier Icon tthew

    Not round here that I’ve noticed, (Cheshire/North Wales mainly). Where are you tomd?

    The dirty toy doll hanging from the rear towing eye seems to have fallen out of favour here too.

    Premier Icon 40mpg

    Round here it seems to be a mahoosive iphone 6 stuck right in the middle of the windscreen. Like line-of-sight middle, not middle middle. I guess its because they learnt to drive playing Grand Theft Auto so use the satnav to replicate?


    Satnavs on commuters.

    #2 is, I think, from the VAG scene, maybe specifically the US where in certain states front plates aren’t needed. Does make the front end of your show car look very clean and nice on the show ground.

    Unfortunately it doesn’t have the same effect on your 15 year old mk4 diesel Golf where you’ve not bothered to smooth the bump strip or even fill the screw holes on the bumper… Usually accompanied by various bits of trim and wheels covered in flaking and/or chipped plastidip.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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