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    Hi all,

    Is this possible? I have a long cage M970 XTR mech. My mech hanger is bent, however the mech itself also looks bent, though my eyes may be decieving me. Is it possible to straighten the cage if it’s only slightly bent?

    Also, if I go down the route of a new mech, does a medium cage mech need a longer or shorter chain length that what I’d have now?




    If its bent so it wont work you have nothing to loose by trying to strighten it. It may work, but I found you just weaken it.

    Replace it is probably best, but also check you dont need a new hanger – that may be bent as well.

    Straighten the hanger first. your lbs have a tool for this. You might find that that’s all it is. If the mech is bent then it’ll likely only be the cage, and you can remove that to straighten it.


    worth a go but I’ve had limited success straightening twisted/bent mechs.

    adjustable spanner good for hanger.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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