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  • Rich_s

    Morning all.

    Dabbling with the idea of getting one of those snazzy BG Hive controllers for the central heating system. I’ve never been hapy with the one we had fitted, it’s not sensitive enough and doesn’t offer any choice of times, etc.

    Thing is, it’s positioned in the hall, just outside the door from the parlour where the stove is so when I’m destroying trees, the temperature is artificially high but not reflected in the East and West wings of Rich Towers.

    The east wing is an extension, gets pretty much zero sun, single storey, concrete floor, outside walls to 3 sides, and is the playroom if you like. Also 2 large windows and 1 rad. Basically, it’s cold.

    West wing is an extension over a garage. The rooms are cold as they are in shadow from next door and have very little heating underneath them. They’re also the last rads in the system to get fed.
    In time I will be sorting out better insulation for the floors (already done cavity walls, loft lagging, draft proofing) but in the meantime can anyone help me understand where best to place a thermostat? All reference seems to be ‘hallway’ but anything like that would be impacted by the stove.

    Would it be best to put it in the coldest room and control the other rooms by TRV?

    Anyone got any tips?



    We have exactly the same problem; in the kitchen we have an Aga and in the lounge Mrs Gti likes to have the stove burning and the temperature up to about 28c so even if we keep both doors closed the hall ‘stat prevents the CH from lighting up. I should move it to the upstairs landing or further away from the heat sources then let the TRVs do their job but she just goes round the house and opens every one to FULL, including the one on the massive double rad in the lounge.

    So unless she learns to use the TRVs properly I’m happy to let her swelter in the lounge while the CH stays off most of the time and the rest of the house is cool. It saves gas.


    Bump for the evening crowd.


    The hive thermostat is wireless, so just ask the guy not to screw it to the wall, and move it round the house until you get a happy medium.

    Premier Icon Capt. Kronos

    We have this problem, but then we are in the room with the thermostat and if the stove is belting out the kWs and the heating is on then we will melt – so it is probably a good thing.

    The controller is ace though – being able to turn heating on and off when you are out (so a few hours before getting back from a trip away) means we return to a toasty house that we haven’t heated for a weekend we weren’t there!


    Does it have a frost protect capt kronos ?


    I don’t understand why its an issue as its a wireless thermostat. Put it in the room that you want at constant temp, and then adjust the radiator valves in other rooms to suit. That process can take a few weeks and needs people not to mess with the thermostat or radiator valves!


    put it in the coldest room, and use the trvs as you suggested.


    Lesson learned – read the website spec better next time! I had assumed that the stat was fixed.

    Thanks everyone.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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