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  • Stove Track World – big thanks
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    to anyone who has posted on the many threads re stoves. I’ve read them all & just ordered a Hergom M30 like this

    In UK they are 1600 gbp but here in Spain where they are made are c 1100 gbp fitted with 4m of chimney & the labour to cut the hole in the roof. Fitter will even make a small external chimney for that too – crisis in Spain has kept prices low.

    Just 1 point to add – here you need 1kw of stove for every 10m3 of volume you are heating, so 10kw stove is good for 100m3 air volume.

    I got a local metalman to make a backplate (3cm thick & filled with insulation) to protect lounge wall, stove will sit on a tiled floor but I may retrofit a stone plinth.

    Cheers all, thanks hugely for tips & ideas – I’ve read them all. Stove will be ready for the world cup so bring on the bad weather!!!

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    That TV is very nice! I like! 😀

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