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  • johndoh

    Outdoor space?

    Loft space?

    Any nooks and crannies where you could knock-up some simple cupboards?

    Failing all that, rent a storage container somewhere…

    Premier Icon wwaswas

    depends how much you want your storage to look like it’s designed to be used in a house 🙂

    If it’s just you then industrial type shelves (screwfix/machine mart type stuff) and large plastic boxes with lids (like what Staples do) work well.

    If you have a partner with opinions on such things then you may end up buying a lot of cupboards with doors on them…

    Premier Icon metalheart

    Just moved house and there is no storage (apart from the kitchen cupboards).

    I have 2 bedrooms and utilizing boxes under the beds for a lot of stuff but with 3 mtbs and a roadie (not ot mention a motorcycle and all the gear) I’m struggling.

    Anybody got any suggestions/solutions? Photos would be good

    I’ve no landline/broadband atm and no mobile signal worth a damn so can only post when I’m at work… doesn’t mean I’m not interested…


    Move somewhere with more storage 🙂

    Premier Icon metalheart

    Loft space – check (need a ladder to have a propoer look though).
    Outdoor space – check (but its not overly secure, £10k of bikes I’m a bit wary…)

    Should have mentioned I’m renting so can’t blooter the gaff…

    I think ‘screwfix’ might be worth investigating.

    Being an unattached gent of certain years I do not have to cow tow to ‘feminine’ sensibilities :mrgreen: however I don’t want to live in a warehouse/midden neither.

    Not intending moving again for a while (too bloody stressful). Ultimately I’ve come to the conclusion that I’ve just too much stuff. Time to declutter. But in the meantime…

    Oh thanks for the suggestions (even the ‘stupid’ ones) 😀

    ETA: Nearest IKEA is a 250+ mile round trip… and the other side of Embra…

    Premier Icon alexpalacefan

    Got any outside space? A shed could be used for low value stuff.

    +1 for cupboards. Think of all the house in 3 dimensions, and make sure all the space is filled. You’ll be surprised what you can get in there.


    Premier Icon metalheart

    Rooms are all rectangular, no nooks, no crannies.

    If I’m here long term then I’m happy to stick in a better/more secure shed for all the bikes. Need a short term solution first though…

    I have a reasonable bit of ground (will keep myself busy cutting all the grass…). I’ve even contemplated a steel container but not sure of the logistics of it all and the ultimately getting rid…


    Loft for all the crap you don’t use much, wardrobes(s) and chests of drawers in the spare room for all the crap you use often, best bike in the spare room, shed or metal locker in the garden for other bikes and outdoor paraphernalia.


    Being an unattached gent of certain years I do not have to cow tow to ‘feminine’ sensibilities

    I was going to say that should be ‘Kow tow’ but then I thought your version might be better 🙂


    So do you live alone? Why not use the second bedroom to store high value stuff, a cheap shed to store stuff that isn’t precious (ie to theft or damp).

    Then perhaps ask the landlord if they would mind you putting some loft boards down – then you can store stuff up there (probably safest and easiest in stackable plastic boxes). Ensure you measure the access into the loft before buying the boxes though – you don’t want to find you can’t fit them through. Also if the boxes are too big, they might get too heavy to manhandle up there….

    Premier Icon metalheart

    I was going to say that should be ‘Kow tow’ but then I thought your version might be better

    haha, yes, wasn’t deliberate, honest!

    Premier Icon metalheart

    There is a fair bit of attic space with a decent sized access hatch. only real issue being its a ventilated loft (insulation above the ceiling).

    Bikes currently the biggest issue. Might have to sell one… 😥


    I’ve a freestanding bike rack that’s ace, like this (random google pic)

    Mine’s more like a metal tripod tho, got it from Edinburgh bike.

    Also check out Asgard metal sheds, there was a thread on here…

    Premier Icon miketually

    Ultimately I’ve come to the conclusion that I’ve just too much stuff. Time to declutter.

    I was going to suggest this, but you’ve beaten me to it.

    Put everything in cardboard boxes, with the date written on them. Only take things out when you need them, then figure out a correct place for it to be stored.

    Anything you’ve not used in 12 month, get rid.

    Premier Icon stabilizers

    Costco night be a good place to investigate. I kitted out my garage with some bomb proof shelving and a lot of storage boxes that fit nicely.
    Store your bikes vertically in a head to toe style if you can rig something to hang them off.
    Apart from that the best thing you can do to start with is to lighten your load and ditch the stuff you dont use any more.

    Ps I might have a plastic shed going in a couple of weeks. I might have to get rid of it its about 2m x 2m x 1m. I presume you still know how to get hold of me?

    Premier Icon footflaps

    You need to build a workshop to store stuff in……..


    Any other ideas for storing bikes in a flat where keeping it in the kitchen is frowned upon by the Powers That Be ??

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