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  • tonyd

    I do a 35 mile round trip 3 times a week, started it about 6 weeks ago now and am just beginning to feel less hungry. I think it takes a while for your body to adjust and get used to the new levels of exertion and fuel requirements.

    I usually have breakfast 30 mins or so before I leave, not ideal but I’d rather eat first. I carry water on the bike but generally don’t drink it til I get to the other end (~1 hour) then the full 750ml bidon goes in a few minutes. Another 750ml water before lunch (and a coffee), then a wholemeal baguette for lunch – usually chicken and something – with some crisps. I keep a stock of cereal bars in my draw, currently Jordans as they were on offer, so I’ll have one of those for pudding. Another 750ml water through the afternoon, and about 4pm I’ll have another cereal bar and/or a snickers from the vending machine to see me through the ride home. Once home I’ll drink another 750ml of water and maybe eat something from the fridge. Dinner is about 7:30.

    For the first couple of weeks I was seriously hungry, quite often felt hollow legged and weak on the way home, blurred vision etc. As soon as I got home I’d stand at the fridge eating for 5-10 minutes. This slowly got better, now I generally get home, drink water, and wait for tea (put kids to bed etc).

    I’ve never been one much for studying the contents of food (fat, calories, salt, etc) I just eat it if it tastes nice and fills me up. I would say just make sure you eat enough, whatever it is.


    Snickers bar, 1hr before leaving for home. Food of champions. That and eat a decent breakfast before leaving. I’m a porridge or muesli man with a second egg course when riding.

    You are burning an extra 1000 calories a day on your commuting days – when are eating them?


    Interesting reading. Although not a daily commute my route is approx 65miles around trip. Ride in no worries, just a coffee and a banana and I’m done. Get to eat cooked brekkie when in work. Nothing fried just poached eggs and toast. I’ll pig out at lunch and have a stodgy desert and before I leave I’ll have a can of coke and a yorkie. I’ll dont eat anything on the return trip. I’ve been doing this commute for 8yrs and as I’ve got older I’ve found I could eat less. When I first started I had to eat flapjacks and bananas all the way home otherwise I’d get the hunger knock big time. FWIW I’m 40yrs and 68kg and 6ft. It may be your body just getting used to the ride. My advice would be to eat every half hour on the ride back. Just a mouthful should do it. Without food your body wont function how it should. As you get fitter I’d expect your body to want to consume less. Give it a try.

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