Stopping riding glasses from fogging up

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  • Stopping riding glasses from fogging up
  • Just been for a night ride (I’m in Oztrailya) and it was misty and rainy. By the end of the ride, all of us couldn’t wear our riding glasses any more as they were too wet and fogged up – hence getting a bit of mud in my eyes.

    Just wondering if anyone have any tips for keeping glasses fog free?

    bob heath visor spray – it just works.

    Rain x does as well but not so good.


    small smearing of washing up liquid then polished off the inside does same job as the above


    your glasses will fog up if they’re cold but you’re hot and sweaty.

    if your glasses are cold, it suggests you could take a layer off.


    as mr 1775 said – works a treat

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    I use rain-x on the outside, and divers anti-fog on the inside.

    And I’ve drilled holes in the lenses for extra ventilation.


    wire mesh goggles work for me. Don’t keep fine dust out but good through the woods

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    I only really get this problem when winching myself up a hill, the associated puffing and panting seems to induce fogging. Solution in this case is to increase air flow by moving glasses slightly down the hooter.


    Cat crap! Works..get it on eBay.:……….q the smart replies!!!


    I use Salclear


    I use Fogtech. Works a treat. Never found the washing up liquid thing worked at all for me.

    Whatever you do don’t use Rain-X. I thought I had scored when Halfords gave me a part empty bottle free but within a month my scratchproof visor was ruined – it seems to remove the microcoating on these (well recorded by others too)so won’t do riding glasses any favours. £40 was an expensive free gift.

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