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  • Cook it evenly on both sides and it'll taste fine.

    either (1) it's quite used to eating gravel and it'll be alright, or (2) it'll get constipated & die

    Activated charcoal is used in humans and dogs to stop smelly farts. Dunno what it does to goldfish tho

    I hope it does'nt die – I am quite attached to Stoopid, playful little fella… (sigh)


    Keep an eye on him. If there are no problems, try feeding him more.

    Properly researched, and using massive shoals of carp, you may have found an answer to the worlds carbon capture problems.

    Premier Icon fadda

    Lol at Captain Flashy! Surely a sprinkle of Mick sterbs…?

    Obvious to me now, being a mum&dad to 2 goldfish that I keep for my Granddaughter is somewhat a scientific voyage of discovery.
    I reckon now that I could become a water scientist..
    Tonight, the task..
    remove approx 25% of the water from the fishtank.. BUT methinks, its also time I changed the carbon filter and cleaned the sponge filter in the filter pump.. to do this I have to clean the sponge within the tank water that I have removed.. so I clean all the pump and change the carbon filtration.. this is airated granular carbon gravel like stuff.
    Somehow, DISASTER STRIKES, a small lump of carbon has found its way into the fishtank and upon descending slowly to the bottom…STOOPID the Goldfish eats it…
    Does anyone know what will happen to the Goldfish ?

    I have some goldfish in my pond. And some shubunkins & some blue orfes & some golden orfes.

    I've had them about 7-8 years, from 3in specimens.

    They're the size of small trout now. Greedy buggers too. they'd eat your charcoal & come back asking for the entree

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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