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  • Stooge Mk4
  • Premier Icon supersessions9-2

    No cable clips here. I used cable ties. I prefer them anyway as cable clips always seem to fall off.


    Anyone else a bit gutted that the Mk4 is only available in one size? I know that they can be tweaked with seatpost layback (unless you’re planning on running a dropper, like me) and a longer stem, but however it’s dressed that feels like a bodge to me.
    Real shame as I love the new design, especially the fork. None of the new colours do anything for me either unfortunately – looks like I’d be ideal for a 20” Mk3 instead – but gutted to miss out on the updates.

    Premier Icon funkmasterp

    I’m with you on the colours to be fair. Plum crazy or moby grape are where it’s at. Purple is the king of bike colours. Get a Speedball with the biplane fork. I’m loving mine and still can’t figure out how it’s so quick. It really shouldn’t be.

    Premier Icon jonestown

    @slimjim78 How tall are you? The MK4 is basically the same size as a 20″ MK3 (minus 5mm on the ETT) but with an 18″ seat tube. A 20″ seat tube generally wouldn’t allow you to use a 170 dropper, the 18 does. You’re more than welcome to come and try a bike for size if you ever find yourself over in Shropshire. I only produce 100 frames at a time on very limited funds, hence the lack of sizes.

    Hmm, well after saying in the beginning of the thread I didn’t like it, I went and bought one.

    Awesome bike. I just wish the rain would bugger off.



    Yea mine’s been built up a while now but still not been used properly, need to ride it and see what all the fuss is about

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    How can I tell if my Stooge is a Mk2 or a Mk3?

    Premier Icon Clink

    Mk 3 has 44mm headtube that will Aldo take tapered sus forks.

    Premier Icon mrhoppy

    Hopefully finishing the build tonight, using a contravertial b+ f/r with the 57mm offset fork instead of the 80.

    Anyone have any advice for a front mudguard on the Mk4?

    I’m looking for something close to full length, or a RRP max coverage thing, but the massive rake is puzzling me.

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