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  • racefaceec90

    i hope you get the bike back soon. at least you have cctv evidence of the **** who nicked it,that’s a good start.


    Shop should be insured to cover this

    Premier Icon tomhoward

    /\ this.

    What have the shop said about replacing it?


    Gutted for you but basically their problem not yours

    Interested to see how it pans out though……………..

    Premier Icon bearnecessities

    Not sure that the monetary value, is the point.

    After dropping my bike into my LBS for a brake bleed on Saturday (21/06), I received a phone call about an hour later to tell me my bike has been stolen from their workshop!

    Apparently never happened before (I trust them, they’re a decent shop). There’s CCTV evidence, so they have a pic of the guy.

    Anyway, if anybody sees the bike in or around Cardiff, could you let me know?

    2004 Specialized stumpjumper pro, black, 650b conversion. XT groupset, XT brakes, nukeproof 27.5″ rims on XT hubs. Hope headset. Quite distinctive.

    Gutted is not even half way to describe how I feel =(

    They assured me they are fully insured to cover like for like, it’s just that I’m not going to get an exact replacement. I made the wheels myself, so hopefully I screwed them up and the **** has an accident!


    Like for like might not pan out well for you.

    Hopefully the shop will make sure you get put back with something of a decent spec.


    Sorry to hear about this. I’m sure the shop will sort you out but nothing makes up for the pain of having a bike nicked, I know.

    We’ll keep an eye/ear out up this way (mid Wales).

    Premier Icon muddydwarf

    Exactly how does a shop allow someone to steal from the workshop?
    Shop floor i can understand but the workshop area?

    Premier Icon Sir HC

    Warm weather, workshop door open, no security gate to stop people wandering in…


    My bike was stolen in Cardiff two weeks ago but not from a bike shop. However my replacement is in a bike shop having some work done to it so hoping it is still there!

    Spoke to shop yesterday and they wanted to know what I wanted to replace it.

    I suggested a Spesh epic (as the current stumpy setup is a little too trails for my riding) or a rocky mountain thunderbolt 650b.

    Not sure how the epic groupset lines up to mine though. I had a new XT groupset (fitted 2 months ago by the same shop) including XT brakes, and brand new wheels (never even ridden).

    More I’m dwelling on it the angrier I get. To think I’ve never let my bikes out of my sight for the last 10 years of riding, being so careful everywhere I go and with my garage security, to have these idiots whom I trusted get it lifted from uder their nose within an hour… 😡

    Premier Icon jonathan

    It must be galling, but remember they didn’t do it on purpose – can you imagine the hand wringing and recriminations going on in the shop? Getting a customer bike nicked doesn’t do much for your reputation I’d have thought.

    No, you’re right, I keep telling myself that. They’re as much a victim here as I am…


    That Rocky Mountain Thunderbolt 750 looks nice.


    TIL that Rocky Mountain has the domain name

    That Rocky Mountain Thunderbolt 750 looks nice.

    It’s certainly…erm…teal?

    That’s the one, but the 770 (XT groupset and black, though I do like the teal). Closer to a ‘versatile’ XC bike for my liking than the racy Epic, but not sure if they can source one…


    My wife’s bike was nicked in Coventry on CCTV. The smackhead thief was well known to the police. What did they do about it? SFA. The only good thing about it was she upgraded from a Trek to a Genesis 40 and is very happy with the change.

    Good to hear your wife came out better after the experience Bill. Every cloud and all that =)


    I hate to say this, but if I’d dropped off a 10yr old bike and was now getting it replaced with a new one, I’d be absolutely buzzing!

    Well, the frame was 10 year old, but was in great condition. Everything else (even down to grips) was new.

    Premier Icon tomaso

    If you get a new Stumpy frame and build it will be nice as a 10 year old alloy frame in my experience is 5 years past it’s sell by date. I hope the shop sort you out extra nice 🙂

    Latest update is that the shops insurance have valued the bike at £2500. I can get an ex demo or second hand to replace mine at that price.

    Shop has advised against going second hand/ex demo but how the hell am I suppossed to get a NEW replacement for 2.5k? They are trying to push me down the Trek route as their a Trek dealer, but I just don’t like Trek. They are just, well, Trek…

    Still debating over a spesh epic or rocky thunderbolt. I’m not an aggresive rider, but do ride Cwmcarn. Any epic riders know how it holds up in Cwmcarn, or would a be better off with the thunderbolt for a more all round XC ride?

    Premier Icon wwaswas

    If you buy from them they can use the profit to offset their loss on the policy excess…

    Might be worth looking at Paul’s/Sunset MTB etc to find the equivalent ‘last years’ bike to the one you had stolen but new?

    [edit] if you really can’t replace your bike for the offer made ask for more.

    Premier Icon nickjb

    That’s the insurance company’s opening offer, not their best offer. You need to haggle.


    Surely as goodwill the shop should offer to sell you whatever bike you want (providing they can supply it) at cost to them rather than the standard rrp?


    You’ve had a 10 year old bike valued at two and a half grand???

    And you’re whinging about wanting a new bike?? Buy another 10 year old frame and spend the other £2450 on the build kit 🙄

    I’m not winging, I’m just stating that I can’t get a new replacement which is what the LBS is recommending. I’d be happy with a second hand frame and a new groupset, brakes, wheels and pedals (which is what was stolen effectively).

    I can’t haggle with the insurance company as I don’t have any contact with them, it’s via the LBS. I’ve explained that there is no way I can get a new replacement, but I’m happy with ex demo/second hand.

    I’d bite their hand off at £2.5K value on a 10yr old frame, and I’d spend that on a new bike not a used/ex demo.

    Premier Icon jambalaya

    It may be the shop can give you a Trek bike with a RRP greater than £2500, they should do that as the insurance company will give them cash and they will have a dealer margin on the bike. IMO they should be showing you a bike worth more like £3500 RRP

    I think you are within your rights to ask for cash and for that to be a cash amount which you determine.

    If you want an ex demo / second hand then that’s what you should push for. If you take a Trek bike you could sell the frame and put the kit onto what ever you want (in true STW style I would recommend Transition or Cotic 🙂 )

    Good luck


    As the others have mentioned, I’d be getting the shop to push for more money and getting a bike at near trade price plus excess.

    That way they won’t make a loss and you’d get a better bike.

    I see no reason why you couldn’t get a XT level bike for 2500…

    For example…

    Premier Icon weeksy

    2004 Specialized stumpjumper pro, black, 650b conversion. XT groupset, XT brakes, nukeproof 27.5″ rims on XT hubs. Hope headset.

    For that above you can get a Jekyll Carbon… Jesus… I’d have rung them already and had it on it’s way from PAuls Cycles !


    I’d be happy with £2.5k replacement for a 10 year old bike.
    Can you really not get a Stumpjumper for £2.5k??

    And surely if the dealer supplies you at cost, which IMO they should be doing, you would get a bike worth a whole lot more than £2500 as it won’t have the dealer mark-up on it??

    Premier Icon Pawsy_Bear

    +1 for 10 year old bike for £2500

    Premier Icon cookeaa

    Are you tied to buying from the LBS?

    Can you not just have the cash?

    £2.5K can go a very long way if spent wisely, and I’m sure the LBS could be persuaded to help out with assembly/tools just to keep some good will…

    how the hell am I suppossed to get a NEW replacement for 2.5k?

    Depends what you mean by a new replacement…

    2013 Stumpy Evo comp (26″)

    2014 Stumpy Comp Evo (29″)

    2015 Stumpy Comp EVO (27.5″)

    2013 Epic Carbon Comp?

    If your buying s new off the peg bike, I’d not get too hung up o the parts fitted, you’re bound to change them…

    Would you consider topping up the budget from your own pocket to get an even posher bike for relative peanuts?

    I think I can have the cash, just waiting on them to get everything sorted.

    The issue with buying a replacement and upgrading the parts to XT spec is that puts me out of pocket by a lot. I didn’t loose the bike and I don’t think I should have to spend on it to get the same spec bike that they lost.

    I just have to be tactical in how I spend it…

    Premier Icon cookeaa

    Sorry but I think this is an issue of excessive expectations…

    Effectively what you’re really asking for is a 2014 Stumpy or Epic with a full XT group/brake-set in exchange for a decade old stumpy, with the wrong size wheels cobbled on, and an XT group/brakeset (that you got from Merlin for ~£430?), its just not going to happen… their £2.5K offer is pretty generous TBH…

    Either see what the best frame/fork you can pick up on a bike for under ~£2K is and then spend the extra £500 on those “upgrades” or spunk the full £2.5K on a full bike (that probably won’t have a full XT spec, probably SLX/XT mix these days) and reach into your own pocket for the XT toys once things start wearing out…

    Personally I’d either be eyeing up a Process 134 DL off the peg, or a Process 134 and thinking of ways to spend the ~£700 change. But thats just me.

    Yeti ASR-5 (CRC) (or may other) frame
    Fancy-ish wheels
    XT groupset
    £400 Merlin
    Finsihing kit (inc a dropper)
    Tyures and tubes

    Does anyone want to nick my bike,please?

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