Stolen – Orange Alpine 160 from West Cumbria area – £100 reward for info

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  • Stolen – Orange Alpine 160 from West Cumbria area – £100 reward for info
  • jonk

    Will keep a look out my dad lives in egremont and will let him know.

    cheers man, that’s well appreciated.

    My orange Orange Alpine was nicked while i was doing some trail maintenance nearby on Sunday. It was stolen just outside Egremont near the West Cumbrian coast.

    It’s an 18″ frame, the usual manadarin orange colour from Orange, white lyriks on the front, silver sunline bars, silver xt cranks. stans flow rims on hope pro II – how i didn’t hear the bugger pedal away with the new pro II evo i don’t know, the git must have been on the pedals all the way.

    If any one is offered a similar bike cheap or for a quick sale please get in touch. my email is chris underscore b underscore weir at hotmail dot com.

    It has a tiny hairline crack on the frame, so i’ll be able to identify it if it’s found.

    there’s a £100 cash reward for any info leading to it’s return.



    I’ve got some dodgy (well slightly) relatives in barrow who love their bikes. Will send them a link to this. Can you post up a pic or two?

    Premier Icon boxelder

    I work at the secondary school in egremont and my guess is someone there will know. I’m in over the next two days, but the kids aren’t. I’ll have a dig about, but don’t hold out much hope. I know a couple of local bobbies who ride too, so will pass details on.


    Gutted for you Chris.. i know the feeling all to well. i will keep my ear to the ground cockermouth way

    Much appreciated folks.

    Photo at:

    (let me know if the image / link doesn’t work).

    don’t have many photos of it as i only had it a couple of months. bought the frame as a last minute replacement because i cracked my 5 frame before a trip to the alps. can’t say it’s been my favorite summer so far…

    by the way, the blue grips and the seatpost and stem have been replaced: grey/black grips, inline shimano pro seatpost and plain black skinny wtb saddle.


    one more time…

    photo at:


    sorry for your loss!

    Used to ride plenty down in Dent/Lowther woods, guess thats where it was taken? Didn’t know there was still riding to be had in there.

    Cleator Moor/Alercdon/Whitehaven etc, I would drag around all those estates in the daytime and keep an eye out, when I was in school there were bunch of kids who were master bike thieves (motor and push), every week they’d have something different, reported them several times but police were never that interested (talking 1998-2003 era).

    Also return to scene of crime? even in school holidays, saturday afternoons are the best chance of coming across it again I would say.

    Good luck with the search.

    Just to let you know, the bike turned up this week. Some ‘dodgy character’ sold it to a local bike shop for £15!


    That’s brilliant, glad you got it back, nice bike too, bargain at £15!

    Premier Icon easygirl

    Just happens to be the price of a bag of heroin


    Hi, pleased you got it back. Its obviously just been some kid who took a chance when he saw it and took it to the shop so you would get it back. Not even some smack head, who’s going to get his legs broke by his dealer if he doesn’t pay his tab, would sell it for £15.
    I know folk in Egremont and Cleator Moor who always know of the latest knock off stuff. If they had got their hands on it, it would’ve been out the county in a second or frame would’ve been dumped and all parts sold on Ebay!

    Pah its 20 quid for a baggy down here, bloody north v south prices 😉 did the shop not phone the police?!

    Premier Icon chakaping

    nice one


    Premier Icon clareymorris

    Chris can’t believe all this happened!!! So glad you got it back though…… 😀

    Glad you got it back. I live near to Egremont and have nearly lost a bike or two in the past, not nice. Nice to hear of someone being reunited with their bike.

    Glad to here you got yer bike back. Look forward to seeing you rippin it up at Setmurthy again!


    You can always look at the classified sections on the bike web sites and ask for the frame number!

    Premier Icon boxelder

    I told him to take it there and claim my £100 (minus the £15 obviously)

    Good news.

    Premier Icon mikewsmith

    glad you got it back chris

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