Stolen in Edinburgh – SC superlight, C'Dale Prophet, Commencal Supreme 6

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  • Stolen in Edinburgh – SC superlight, C'Dale Prophet, Commencal Supreme 6
  • DougD

    Where abouts in Edinburgh? Will keep an eye out

    Premier Icon stevenmenmuir

    Not good. Fingers crossed you get them back.

    Sorry, i’m in Abbeyhill/top of Easter Road area.

    Premier Icon MussEd

    Gutting isnt it? Dirty gets had away with 2 of mine from Musselburgh in June…I’ll keep an eye out but afraid to say they’re long gone… Good luck getting them back though!

    Premier Icon househusband

    Gutted for you Paul, as is Cat – hope you get them back.

    Premier Icon scotroutes


    Eyes peeled!

    Is this the wrong time to ask if they’re insured?

    Yeah, not really expecting them back. Insurance should hopefully pay out…they did the last time. 😥


    gutted for you mate,
    unbelievable amount of bikes that get stolen evey day someone posts up on different websites about being robbed of their pride and joy
    f****** scumbags

    Premier Icon MussEd

    Speak to Eastsde Bikes(old Sandy Gilchrist shop) as they occasionally have undesirables offering shady bikes…though doubt they’d be that dumb to go to a shop so close by…

    Premier Icon stevenmenmuir

    Somebody tried to break into the house of one of my customers in the last week or so. Middle of the afternoon they tried to use a spade to lever the back door and kitchen window open. Luckily someone was at home and disturbed them. Not too far away from you either.

    Thanks guys! Good idea Muss, I know one of the mechanics in there too so i’ll pop in.

    At least they left me a hardtail frame to build up, very descent of them i thought. 😕

    Premier Icon stevenmenmuir

    Mention it to the guys at Soul Cycles too?

    That’s really crap Paul. I’ll keep an eye out.

    Do you have any photos? They tend to stick in my mind better.

    Premier Icon debaser

    Bawbags 😡

    Will keep an eye out on my travels around Leith.

    Time to get a pet? I’m thinking about one of these.


    Also, anyone missing a black orange 5? One of the local scummers is riding around on one.

    Got home from work tonight to find my garden shed partially demolished and three bikes taken. The bikes were all padlocked together with three chains/D Locks and were removed in a one-er (not cur through in-place). The garden faces the street so someone must have seen something, anyway…

    Taken was:
    Red medium Santa Cruz Superlight with black Rebas, full XT groupset/brakes, reverb, RaceFace finishing kit and bash guard, Sunn Ringle Charger Pro wheels with Conti RQs, superstar black pedals.

    Blue large Cannondale Prophet with black Rev Air U-turns, hope hubs, stans rims, mostly SLX/LX groupset, XT brakes, E13 bash guard, RaceFace stem, Nukeproof bars, On-One Chunky Monkey rear tyre, Conti RQ rear tyre, time atac pedals.

    Brown M/L Commencal Supreme 6, Marzocchi Rocco coil shock, White Marzocchi 66 180mm forks, XT Brakes, LX groupset,Easton stem and bars, exotic cycles pedals, Conti Rain King 2.5 DH tyres, Hope/Stans flow front wheel, Hope/Mavic 819 rear wheel, MRP chain guide, charge spoon saddle, charge grips.

    Keep an eye out folks and make sure your bikes are well locked up!

    Premier Icon dukeduvet

    Really gutted for you, I live in Leith so will keep an eye out.

    As others have mentioned try the bike shops plus ebay and gumtree, you never know.

    Photos would be good as suggested

    Premier Icon rickmeister

    Never what you want to see coming back home,

    As others have said, go round the shops with some pics.

    I hope you get them back.. it is possible as a recent story had Brad and Soul Cycles spotting dodgy bikes in Edinburgh…

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