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  • After mine was stolen i have been watching ebay and gumtree on a regular basis. On gumtree i search for bikes in the Manchester area and am amazed by the sheer volume of bikes going up for sale each day. Some i view with suspicion, others not. What sickens me is the number of posts advertising that people will pay money for bikes – to me they just look like incentives for people to steal them and offload them quickly – no questions asked.

    Anyway, couple of questions for you…

    Has anyone had a bike stolen and then seen it on ebay / gumtree? And if so, how long to the thieves tend to wait before putting the bike up for sale? Im guessing they wait for a period of time until victims have grown tired of searching?

    Secondly, if i did see it and reported it to the police – what happens to the bike then? I’d guess it belongs to the insurance company as they have paid out for a new one. But would they really want it?


    I’ve had a couple of bikes stolen recently and have put up several posts on STW. At the weekend it was spotted by Shredder in an area of Bradford being ridden by someone who didn’t look right with the bike, if you know what I mean. Had a visit to the locality but couldn’t see the bike. Several components were confirmed by Shredder and all this has been passed on to the police. I have all the saved searches on eBay etc, I search gumtree every day and check the forum several times a day. One of my bikes, a white Tomac Primer downhiller, is believed to be one of only six in the country, which should make it very difficult to get rid of .

    Regarding the insurance issue, I have just been offered approx 30% of the bikes worth, so I need the bikes back. I have discussed the situation with the loss adjuster and if I settle for the cash and then the bike is subsequently found then I can buy it back from the insurance company for what they paid out. Which all sounds fantastic but will they be bothered to get in touch once I accept the settlement??

    It’s also worth reminding members to check their insurance to confirm the values and coverage for example, I found out today that my bikes weren’t insured when away from my premises ie whilst riding??

    Tesco Home insurance have been first class with me although that was because they were in a shed within the boundaries of our property. They did say though that had it been stolen whilst off the premises (ie out riding or from the car) then the payout would be a maximum of £1k which would have left me seriously out of pocket…

    My mate had his 456 Evo Stolen from Solihull a few months back. He then had the misfortune of his Insurers refusing to pay up as it was locked in his van. Whilst perusing Scumtree (and to his bewilderment) he clocks his cherished bike (minus the original saddle). Duly reported to the Police, but as of yet nothing recovered.

    By the time the law enforcement drop the Greggs Cheese & Bean melt its too late. It seems these days Crime pays.


    A friend of mine had two bikes pinched from his garage . He had bought one of them new at a discounted price and the other off ebay.

    They stood him at £2300 in all and he told the insurance company that but they paid him out for cost of replacing them new , he got £4200 in the end.

    Not a bad end result.


    I had my bike stolen before and was told I could ring 999 if I found someone riding it, so would probably get address of said scumbag and ring the rozzers walk in and keep them talking about the bike until they arrive…

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    I had a bike recovered 6 months after we were burgled. This chap regularly shifted bikes via ebay apparently and had a few in his possession at the time. Went to jail for handling stolen goods. So some might wait a while. He had also changed the forks to try and make it look a bit different.


    facebook is the other place where bikes are sold,there’s loads of trading(groups) pages.found my mates trek on there,police were in formed and the minute they were told the insurance company had paid out they were not bothered.he was paid out £420 for a 3k bike,he’s really pissed off and made a written complaint to the area’s commisioner.
    pink bike is also bad, our local druggie has nicked stuff on there on a regular basis .i try and stay out of it all as the last time i dropped a hint to plod,i got my car destroyed…and i found out that malious damage is’nt covered so it cost me thousands,with hind sight should have took it and disposed of it..but that seem’s wrong.

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