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  • moridinbg

    I was forced to leave two bikes chained and come back only after a few days near Brick Lane and of course they got stolen. I am sad to say that I am not surprised and it is not like it is totally unexpected, but this is how things go.
    They were chained together with two chains across wheels, forks, frames.

    The first one is a red OnOne Inbred with XTR M952 rear mech, Saint M800 cranks, RockShox Pilot, Deore shifters/levers, no front mech, XT 42 chainring on the front, SRam PC991 chain. Hayes disc brakes,
    It was with my commuter tyres – front Michelin CountryRock and very worn Larsen TT on the back.
    The rear rim is totally no-name, the front one was Zac2000.

    (click for larger)

    The other one is yellow Ridgeback MX 35 frame 16″ XS, new Mach1 wheels, Sram X4 rear mech and shifter, no-name disc brakes, Rock Shox Dart3 with Monster stickers, big-ass front chainring (50-something).

    Unfortunately I don’t think I have pictures of it.

    If you come across any of the two PLEASE send me a mail at root.darkstar{??}

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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