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  • Premier Icon kayak23

    I rode single ply crossmarks on my hardtail. Got 3 flats on one run. I then pumped them up dead hard and was fine. Do that…
    Bit of a boneshaker mind…


    They’ll be fine. Of our group of four, only one got flats (2) and he likes landing rear heavy. One had 2.1 XC tyres.


    it will be better than fine

    Premier Icon Suggsey

    Minimum 40 psi and run what you brung (but take a spare pair of tyres just in case. Enjoy, its bloody great, one of my favourite all time ride spots and I have only been the once… far.


    Sorry about another boring tyre question.
    Postponed DH day booked in soon…my Meta is currently wearing High Rollers in single ply 2.35 60a flavour. As I never do DH I’m reluctant to splash out loads of dough on new rubber for one day of riding.
    How likely that I’ll puncture, even if I do change to DH tubes for the day?
    Any survived the day with regular rubber puncture-free?
    I know a lot depends on riding style etc…just hoping for some positive replies 😉

    Premier Icon ndg

    I ran a fat Albert on the front and nobby nice on the rear. Started with my normal trail pressures but ended up with a few extra psi as the tyres were squirming on the rim (my mavic 517’s are too narrow!).

    No flats throughout. In our group of 12 we had maybe 3 punctures and no one was running DH rubber.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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