Stiff mtb shoes for my wide feet

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  • Stiff mtb shoes for my wide feet
  • boxfish

    I have trouble finding well-fitting cycling shoes for my freakishly wide feet. I'd happily spend up to £120 if the fit is right and I'm convinced of the durability. Can anyone point me towards potentially suitable shoes?

    Apologies if this has been done before.

    Tried Specialized? Nice and wide.


    Sidi dominator mega?

    I've got wide plates of meat and my normal width dominators fit me fine though, try them on before you buy. I'm a size eight shoe and ended up with 9.5 Sidi's

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    Second the Spec ones, really nice shoes and suit mate plates of meat


    Bonty are wide for fat americans.


    Have got on well fit-wise with a pair of Spesh Tahos, but now looking for something with a stiffer sole. Will get myself off to my local Spesh 'Concept' store, hopefully find a suitable shoe & then haggle!

    I don't remember seeing any Bonty shoes in any local bike shops. Will try and check them out too.

    Once upon a time, Shimano also produced some decent fat-footed shoes. Doesn't seem to be the case anymore.

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    My Pearl Izumis and Shimanos both have a reasonably wide fit.

    My Sidis definitely do not.


    I'd 3rd the Specialized suggestions. I have the Trail 120's and find them really comfy, with no pinching on the outside of my foot like I get with most other shoes.


    I have wide feet and I always find that Northwave shoes hit the mark

    I made the mistake of moving away from Spesh a couple of years ago. I'm a G width fitting in shoes.

    IME shimano are not 'reasonably wide', they're just not quite as narrow as diadoras.

    In the end, I returned to spesh.

    Diadora I found to be wide. Northwave and Spec were just a bit too narrow for me, at the arch.

    Try as many as you can before picking.

    I used ebay buying second hand, to try shoes, you know shoes can feel fine for 10 mins in the shop, but after an hour or two, they start to pinch on parts of your flipers. Just sell them on if you don't get on with them.

    I found most wide fitting cycle shoes are wide in the toe box but not at the arch, where mine are wide.

    Once you find a good fitting pair, buy a spare pair, as they might stop making them.

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