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  • Macavity

    Too much grease in hub?


    If they have fitted new bearings could be just seal drag and will soon loosen up,if they have serviced the freehub they have either used too much grease and/or possibly a grease thats a bit to thick and is dragging the hub around

    If you over grease them they tend to be quite draggy. What did they do? New bearings? If they’ve over grease it then it should get better through use. It may take a while though.


    I know Pro II’s have an issue if the thrust washer is incorrectly re-installed after a service, I’d suggest Pro 3 could be affected in the same way (but have no experience with them), though as above too much grease can cause issues too.
    Have a word with your LBS.


    Check the seal (behind the freehub next to the flangy bit) is seated correctly.

    Also, there is a wee spacer inside that if not in the right place/in there, will cause problems.

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    I replaced a pro ii one with steel a while back out the bag it was a little like that but wore off after a ride.


    Ive just had my Hope 3 hub serviced and picked it up from my LBS last night at the death

    When I fitted the wheel back I noticed it was ‘sticky’ for want of a better word
    If you freewheel with it on a stand the pedals go round and if you freewheel down a hill the chain tension drops and then chain droops towards the road – potentially scary!

    Now the shops shut now but if anyone can tell me if this is normal after a service then great

    Do I need to ride round the block a few times first taking it easy or is this usual and after a few km into a decent ride will it sort itself out?
    Or in fact have they goosed it (unlikely)


    They may have out the seal in back to front. That will cause it to be stiff too.

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    It was the seal behind the free hub when I did service on the pawls. Took me ages before I realised it wasn’t sat in correctly

    ahhhh OK – sounds like it should loosen

    I meant to say its not totally stuck, theres just a reasonable amount of friction


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