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  • Sticks Pass – Descent
  • parkedtiger
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    What’s the descent like from the top of Sticks Pass on Helvellyn down into Glenridding ? I was thinking of carrying up from the Thirlmere side of the pass on Sunday (weather permitting), then back to Keswick via the Coach Road.

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    I’ve done it a couple of times in the past.

    The top section is singletrack and very broken up in places, so a few dabs are in order. It flattens out for maybe a mile before the ‘quarry’ section which is pretty rocky at the top, followed by some fast switchbacks. Once you hit the bottom of the quarry its quick road/bridleway in Glenridding.

    It’s got a bit of everything and I found a real challenge, especially the first time as it was after about 8 hours pushing and riding. Some of the folk on MTBBritain really rate it and I know they are riding 95% of it (good work on that top section).

    Well worth doing if you ask me.


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    It’s fantastic and 100% rideable.

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    Cheers fellas – that’s my Sunday morning sorted out then 😀

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    Yeah I’ll second that. It’s absolutely rock and roll, definitely one of the better ones in the lakes, try for both wheels sliding on the switchbacks down to the youth hostel. And some nice jumps possible in the quarry itself.

    As said above some of the top is a bit harder, couple of spots you really wouldn’t want to come off, seem to remember a potentially large drop if you fell in some places and plenty of mech eating rocks (ate my brand new mech anyway).

    Just a thought, might not be so good in the ice.

    Parkedtiger are you from Keswick? I sometimes ride with the Keswick lot.


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    Yep – I’ve been living and riding in Keswick for about ten years now; I haven’t been out on a Tuesday ride for a couple of years though…since my kids came along I can’t get out that early in the evening.

    I’m thinking the same as you though – looking out of my window even Walla Crag looks like it’ll be icey, never mind Sticks Pass. I might hold fire on that route until the weather changes 😀

    Are you in Keswick yourself Frith ?

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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