Sticking stuff to glass…..

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  • Sticking stuff to glass…..
  • alpin

    Need to stick a rubber profile strip to the van windscreen (a spoiler type thing for the pop-top roof.

    The glue needs to be flexible (because, temperature) , but strong (because Autobahn).

    Was thinking of the gunk that windscreen fitters use, but not sure what it’s called or where to find it.

    Otherwise was thinking silicone. Flexible and strong. A friend uses it to stick marble panels to walls.

    Any other ideas?


    I’d be looking to use Sikaflex – perhaps the 291 one.

    Premier Icon mattbee

    Soudal Fixall Crystal clear is great stuff, used extensively by a couple of curtain walling/glazing companies we do work for.
    You can buy it from Toolstation too.

    Premier Icon Paul B

    I’ll have a look at what we use. We bond glass into construction machine cabs (we manufacture large yellow machines)

    YOu’ll need a primer & activator if I remember right but it sticks like sh*t to a blanket

    Premier Icon Paul B

    Sika –
    Sikaremover – 208 cleaner
    Sika Activator – depends on substrate
    Typical PU adhesives ae Sika 255, Ultrafast, 263, 265, 268…they all have different curing properties

    Or there’s the Silane-Terminated Polymer products like 555 & 558

    What I’m not sure of is that the products above are design to bond to the mat screen printed area of the back side of the glass. I assume you’re bonding direct to the glass on the outside which might mean the use of a different primer


    cheers guys!

    gone for Soudal Crystal because it’s what they have at the local Baumarkt/DIY place.

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