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  • Stem Bolt Over-tightened and sheared
  • sbob

    The threads will be damaged to some extent, hence why they are a bit stiff; you’ve deformed them.
    I’d personally run a tap down them and then fit the longest bolts the threads will take, making sure the fit is not now too loose.
    If you don’t tap them out and the threads are stiff, chances are you’ll “pick up” some aluminium from the threads onto the bolts. With excess ally on the bolts you run the risk of causing further damage to the threads.

    Or you’ll die, I make no promises. 😀


    As above tap them and then use a thread lock when fitting the bolts.


    Thanks for the advice guys. I will nip into B&Q tomorrow and get a tap. Will certainly be cheaper than a new stem.

    Much appreciated.


    Hi all,

    Looking for some mechanical advice. I managed to over-tighten and shear a bolt on the stem 😳 – at the clamp for the bars not the steerer.

    I’ve removed the sheared bolt part from the stem. I can engage new bolts and run them in the threads in each of the four holes (I over-tightened the other 3 too). A couple are a bit stiff to turn although the bars seem to clamp fine and rigid.

    The bars and stem both look fine. No dents on the bar etc.

    Will this be ok or should I bin the stem to be on the safe side in case the threads are damaged?

    Thanks for any advice!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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