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  • Steepest Seat Angle on a trail bike.
  • samja


    My first post.

    So I’m looking for XL or XXL 29er trail bike with a steep seat angle (76° plus) and big stack (around 650 mm).
    I’m 6’5″ (195cm) with long legs.
    Everything I ride puts me way to far over the back wheel and the saddle to high above the bars.

    I’m tempted by the privater 161 even though I’d be over biked 75% of the time it looks like a great fit for me.

    Any suggestions welcome.

    Premier Icon richmtb

    The Pole Machine has a 78 degree SA. Probably more of a full on Enduro bike than a trail bike though

    Hob Nob

    Just off the top of my head. SB130, Optic, Sight, Ripmo?

    Premier Icon Sir HC

    I’ve ordered a Privateer, prefer to be further forward when sat down, so always have the saddle pushed forward as far as possible, could be the opposite on the 161!

    Other option is a G1,

    I wouldn’t worry too much about being overbiked if the fit is good, can always run ligher wheels and tyres.

    Premier Icon howsyourdad1

    Grim donut?

    At what point do Bird start giving me a discount….

    AM9 Extra Large
    Seat angle 65, stack 632 which is only a pair of spacers away from your ideal.

    With the original linkage and an air shock they feel like a long wheelbase trail bike – based on riding my friend’s. (As opposed to the new linkage or coil shock to give you the bottomless enduro race bike feel)

    Premier Icon Akers

    Pole Stamina 140 would be good bet, with a high-riser bar to get you the stack you’re after.


    Brand Model Size Year Seat Angle Stack
    Banshee Titan XL 2019 76.75 – 77.25 653
    Banshee Paradox V3 XL 2019 76.5 669
    Canfield Bikes Nimble 9 XL 2020 77 656
    Devinci Spartan 29 (High) XL 2019 76.5 658
    Guerrilla Gravity Trail Pistol XL 2018 76.6 673
    Merida eONE-FORTY XXL 2020 76.5 658
    Nicolai ION-G13 xx-large 2017 76.7° / 76° 658
    Nicolai ION-G15 xx-large 2018 77.2° / 76,7° 655
    Pole Evolink M 2018 78° 652
    Privateer 161 P4 2019 80 652
    Raaw Madonna v2 XL 2020 78.2 670
    Radon Swoop 170 29er XL 2019 76.8-75.8 656
    Santa Cruz Hightower XXL 2020 76.3 660
    Whyte 629 XL 2018 78.5 664.4

    Premier Icon big_scot_nanny

    As a similar sized bloke, in a. similar situation, my thinking has been to avoid anything with a vastly different Actual Seat Angle Vs Virtual/effective seat angle, and a crazy short head tube.

    For me, its a pretty short list that I am considering:
    1) Bird AM9
    2) Cotic Rocket Max
    3) Geometron/Nicolai
    4) Pole

    Thats about it! Most everything else is too low at the front and/or has some ludicrous actual set angle which is a major issue for tall blokes with long legs. which rules out pretty much everything on the00’s list unfortunately.

    Interestingly, I am also fat, so the AM9 is sitting in no. one position for me.

    Let us know how you get on!

    I’ll share my evidence of badly need ing to avoid bikes with a daft actual seat angle. Exhibit A, XXL Tallboy rental bike. Effective TT ended up being about 800mm, and as you describe, the saddle was somewhere over the rear axle. Horrendous!:


    Starling Murmur has a 77° seat angle with a 750mm saddle height.

    Norco Optic has an actual seat angle of around 72°.

    Premier Icon ta11pau1

    Yt Jeffsy, mines an XXL 29er, I’m 6ft 3in


    Wow thanks for the amazing response!
    Lots of bikes to check out now.

    Totally agree about actual seat angle, once the 200mm dropper is extended it can send you way out back.

    Definitely not going to be the pole though. That thing is ugly!

    Premier Icon tomhoward

    Not sure what your budget is, but the Atherton 150mm 29er enduro/trail bike could be built to your spec, one assumes.


    After looking at pretty much all the bikes suggested the one that really jumps out is the Bird Am9.

    Still tempted by privateer 161 as the numbers look the best.

    I’ve seen rumors they are bringing out a 141 version which if they keep to the style of geometry would be perfect.

    Also saw rumors on a Bird Aether 9 which sounds interesting.

    I’m going to test ride the Am9 to see how it feels.

    Anything from a small British bike brand is a big plus for me

    Premier Icon Bigmantrials

    In classic STW fashion I will recommend what I have, a Last Glen. Xxl frame is effective 76.3deg (actual 72) and stack of 643mm with a 150mm fork. I am 6ft4 and the seated position is such an improvement over the Transition Smuggler I had before.

    Depending where you live I would be happy for you to give mine a try (as they are pretty uncommon), I am near Hinckley in the Midlands.

    Premier Icon blakec

    Same height as you I found the Bird a bit on the small side comparatively.

    I’ve seen rumors they are bringing out a 141 version which if they keep to the style of geometry would be perfect.

    Thats about 3 months away

    The Guerilla Gravity bikes all have steep seat tubes, especially with a long post.

    Premier Icon kelvin

    Choosing a full suspension bike based on claimed seat angle is fraught with hazzard. Get a demo, where you can run the seat at the height you actually use. The numbers quoted by manufacturers are rarely comparable. Real world testing is best.

    Premier Icon ampthill

    The effective seat angle thing is curse of the modern age. No idea where in the possible seat height range the number was measured. No idea what it will be with seat right up which is always where I end up


    6’4″ and just been through a similar exercise to try and replace my bikes with ones that fit better. I’ll be honest in that my main search criteria was based on reach, effective top tube and stack height. I have a slightly dodgy neck and it drives me crazy when XL bikes have 100mm head tubes!

    I ended up with:
    – Bird zero 29 XL hardtail with 140mm forks
    – Canyon Strive CF 29 XL

    Although the seat angle on the canyon doesn’t meet your criteria on paper, the shapeshifter puts you in a very good climbing position. My seat post length on both bikes is around 290mm

    Am very happy with both bikes.

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