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  • Steeper than Barhatch and Whitedown?
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    So according to Strava, both Barhatch and White Down are steeper. But this (Quell Lane), “felt” harder – a lot today!!

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    With the sun out/no rain I decided it was time for my third long road ride in 12 months – too much time on the mtb/broken spoke (another) so felt like a change back to the good old road bike, some thin tyres, lycra etc.

    Managed some normal Surrey/W Sussex climbs – steady ones such as Beacon Hill, A3286 between Fernhurst and Midhurst etc in the first 20-30 miles. Decided I was out of practice so declined a quick climb up to Goodwood and set off on the back roads through Lodsworth/Lurgashall/Lickfold toward Haslemere. “FM” took a different turn and found myself on a narrow road though Quell Wood/Upper Quell Copse joining Fernden Lane over Black Down- seemed harder than Barhatch and Whitedown especially with the crap road surface and after 36 miles (at that point). My legs died from lack of road practice on that. But that is some climb at the start before you meet Fernden Lane!!

    On Strava so I guess proper roadies use it regularly. OK time to shift some weight and get some climbing practice in. I think MTB has made me lazy and I have lost my road climbing fitness!! Anyone on here, ride that regularly. Chapeau if you do!! A new challenge to conquer!


    I ride there all the time.

    Next time try Jay’s Lane from the bottom (Jobson’s Lane) – that’s pretty darned steep but is short. At the top, turn left at T junction, continue down to Jobson’s Lane again. Then go right (south) to Highstead Lane at Lickfold (fork right, by ‘Shotter Farm’). Then continue on as Highstead Ln becomes Easebourne St… and go up the most motherf***g steep hill you’ll ever ride. It makes the Koppenburg look easy.

    The last rider I took up that road puked….(!) 😀

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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