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  • Staying positive during the monsoon……
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    How’s everyone coping with the wettest weather ever. At least I don’t have my own private pool in my lounge but surely we are at the worst of this.. maybe. Today feels like a low point in winter. There was no right side of bed to get out of today, I have sand in my fanjo, my back and neck feel like they have whiplash and I need another cup of coffee but it’s gusting 70 mph outside with sideways rain.

    So how’s everyone else staying relatively sane and upbeat?

    Here’s your prescription;


    Premier Icon mikewsmith

    be glad your not in monsoon weather?
    or that the missus hasn’t taken you shopping


    I’ve heard a few loud thuds of falling down in the woods right next to our house. The nearest tree is less than 10m away so getting a bit worried but the wind is blowing from the south and the woods is immediately to the west of us.

    Must be getting onto 70mph gusts here now as it’s similar to what we had before Christmas.

    don’t worry the government is going to invest x over the next x years, everything will be OK.


    It was lovely here yesterday.

    Raining again now though 😉


    Royal Navy called in to assist in Surrey

    Doesnt get any worst than this

    Premier Icon mtbfix

    Post school run road ride was te right choice this morning. Got home as te wind was starting to get going. Now just a foul, wet walk with dog awaits.

    its grim, just grim, and im really struggling to muster up the inspriation/desire to get out

    i dont mind going out in the wet/mud so long as its not belting it down when im about to start, but its the hassle at the moment of cleaning everything after, you need to put aside another hour to clean your clothes/car etc

    its just getting too much now, we had no frozen spell over winter, just 3 months of absolutley the foulest/wettest/dirtiest weather ive seen


    roll on spring

Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)

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