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  • growinglad

    I wonder if anyone can recommend a good entry level road bike for de ladies!

    My sister is looking at getting a road bike and she mentioned Ribble, but I have zilch experience for ladies road bikes.

    She’s based in Leeds so if anyone knows or a particular shop to check out, prey do tell!


    Premier Icon buck53

    If you’re unsure whether she’ll carry on with it I would suggest one of the Triban range from Decathlon. They’re amazing value, well specced for the price and if she does carry on the frames are good enough to be upgraded with more durable/pimp components.


    I think she’ll carry it on. She’s pretty active and fit, likes her sport (plays Hockey at a high level) and does a fair bit of running.

    She’s got an MTB and uses that a fair bit, but I think she wants to explore further a field, she’s found herself using the MTB more on the road, so now thinks she’ll get her use out of a road bike.

    Actually, thinking about it, she’s not gonna become a full on roady I don’t think, maybe she should look at a cross bike, best of both worlds.

    hmmm, something to bear in mind.


    Racescene in Barnsley good as have a measuring service. Not sure how low (or not) their prices go though.

    May be better as second bike of she sticks at it…


    Used specialized Dolce if just starting out and unsure. My sister bought one and is probably not going to ride it again (shes a marathon runner who was tri-curious). Others are available from Giant, Trek… etc. All the big brands have their own lines now. In reality, they are smaller frames with shorter top tubes. Ideal for growing boys too (flowers aside). Unfortunately, all modern bikes are wedded to 700c wheels, which can make very small framed bikes look odd, with toe overlap a possiblity.

    For a beginner, I’d still want Tiagra shifters, possibly a triple, but definitely a compact. Compact bars, and expect to try a few saddles. I also recommend Shimano 324 spd/flat pedals.


    Mrs xiphon (who’s 5’2″) has a Spesh Dolce – she tried loads of different WSD road bikes (visited 10 bike shops?), and this was the most comfy.


    Try woodrup cycles in leeds, great service and sound advice. They’re not bargain basement, but often have offers on and do good after sales. I wouldn’t go to Evans in Leeds as their workshop is/were awful and I wouldn’t trust the bike to be setup properly.


    Seconded Spesh Dolce; bought one in new condition at a bike jumble for Mrs Gti and she loves it, she can’t belive how fast, smooth and comfortable it is after struggling for years with overweight mountain bikes.

    Next choice would be a Triban 3, excellent entry-level bike.


    A women specific cannondale synapse – pretty comfortable for aluminium


    I got a Boardman as my first road bike, which I was very happy with.


    Cheers boy and girls.

    I’ve sent her the link to this post so she can take a look and get some good ideas.



    I’ve got a small Ribble and am based in Leeds if she wants to try before she buys? Would think about selling if she were interested too.

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    Mrs Blobby got a Giant Avail. Tried quite a few bikes and it was the one she felt most comfortable on. My sister got a great deal on a carbon Boardman one that she’s very happy with.


    mrsflash is that bike still for sale?

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