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  • monkeyfudger

    Lucas, why did you destroy ’em! Not sure why I’ve been watching the “first” 3, they’re painful. Is there a film or better series of films out there in a Star Wars epic stylee that don’t have such utterly atrocious dialog and huge gaping plot holes?

    Rob Hilton

    I like the 3rd one! Wouldn’t wipe my arse with the first 2 though


    Never seen ’em.

    Star Wars, on the other hand…


    I’ve not seen the ‘first’ three yet either.

    I’ve seen bits of them whenever they’ve been on the telly. But the special effects, in my opinion, where better in the originals, and the acting is woeful.

    Maybe it’s the fact I first seen the originals when I was about 5 though. Perhaps that is the only difference?

    Premier Icon steveoath

    Problem with ep 1-3 is the story really only should take one film. Its padded to such an extent that its mostly fluff. Shame really. Will be interesting to see what Abrams does with the next ones.

    Premier Icon stewartc

    I actually enjoyed the 2nd one (Clones), apart from the last bit in the factory and the coliseum it was an OK film.


    Lord of the rings is pretty epic!


    I’m not a star wars fan but I like all 6 episodes. They’re entertaining. Good time to spend a couple of hours on each one.
    I couldn’t tell you which one I was watching to be honest. It’s a bit of fun.

    Ho hum

    Episode 4 was great for it’s time.

    5 was really dark, my favourite of the series.

    6 was okay, but a bit commercial.

    1 was pants.

    2 was pretty good.

    3 was slightly better, but did give you insight into 4, 5 and 6.

    1 was bad apple out of the lot.

    Premier Icon wiggles

    4,5,6 good films.
    1 sucked, couldn’t even be bothered to watch all of 2 (in the cinema!) haven’t bothered with 3

    Premier Icon unknown

    I don’t like star wars so I’m not sure why I was even there, but attack of the clones (episode 2?) is by far and away the worst film I’ve ever seen at the cinema. Plot, dialogue, acting… just awful. Don’t get what the fuss is about with the originals either, but I guess I’m too young for them and too old for the newer ones.


    There was no need for c3po or r2d2 to have been in any of the first 3 movies. They could have been great. They weren’t.

    New hope is good. Empire is excellent . Return is ok but would have been better without the muppets.

    Premier Icon stewartc

    Star Wars 1,2 and 3 is what you get when you give George Lucas full creative control (and Howard the Duck), I’m hoping that Disney’s quality control will mean that 7,8 and 9 equal or surpass 4, 5 and 6.

    My three year old son screamed, “no I want the snowy one” when I tried to make him watch Phantom Menace the other day. I was so proud.


    ^^ Brilliant! My kids won’t watch ’em but I’ve told them it’s Star Wars or go to bed tonight!

    Can’t beat the old ones, still get goosebumps at certain bits [/sado]

    Just noticed my typo in the title, idiot!

    Premier Icon Onzadog

    Red 5, standing by!

    Premier Icon Fat-boy-fat

    For me, the downfall of 1-3 was quite simple … no banter and no sense of humour. Everyone seemed to be acting with a poker up their bahookie. Shame shame shame.


    The new films have nothing in comparison to the original three as far as I’m concerned. They may explain some story lines but with the CGI littered all over them (which has dated very quickly) everyone looks like they are walking about with no idea what the scenery behind them looks like.

    And the biggest problem, for me anyway, no Han Solo. Not him as such, but no character with a cocky arrogant ‘**** it, shoot first!’ attitude. He was the ‘dude’ of the whole film series for me! But the new ones didn’t have any of that arrogance and humour that character had, felt like I was watching a Shakespeare play in some scenes.

    And finally, most importantly. No Millennium Falcon. Well, apart from one teeny weeny background of it. Best space craft EVER!

    Premier Icon jimmy

    I’ve enjoyed watching 3 then 4. Stupid ad it sounds i love the way they follow on, as in Stuff that previously was meaningless suddenly had relevance. I’m becoming more of a SW fan than ever.


    Original 3 were as some epesh the ewoks lol got the full set for Xmas on DVD so will be finally watching the “other” 3 some will say I’d be dissapointed but men worth a go


    In the original trilogy the guy in the Darth Vader suit was this guy

    Episodes 1-3, turns out it was this guy in the dark suit all along



    4 – a great film
    5 – as awesome as it gets. Nice and dark too!
    6 – commercial but acceptable, with some great stuff too

    1 & 2 – utter drivel. Not resemblance to 4/5/6
    3 – could have been worse

    Totally agree that of all the FX, it is the newer stuff which looks totally duff. All the original effects still look fantastic. The special edition versions’ added CGI completely detracted form the film. Less is more and all that. Don’t even get me started on the acting…

    Premier Icon GrahamS

    Don’t kid yourself that everything was perfect with the original trilogy:



    The elephant in the room is that the original three are actually quite poor, but no-one wants to retrospectively ruin their childhood by admitting it.

    Phantom Menace is truly awful though. Other two were ok-ish.


    Poor in what way?

    Asking the yoofs who grew up watchin 1-3 the view seems to be
    1-3 better effects and more watchable but limited plot

    3-6 Good stories but dated

    Everyone agree Jar jar is a **** and 1 is the worst
    The Ewoks are dire
    C3P0 is awful in all of them

    1 & 2 look like they were done for the merchandising tbh
    3 is the best of the new ones
    The effects – CGI in all 3 are great


    Robot Chicken Star Wars is on SyFy now.


    i just realised watching the films recently how i can “let go” some of the special effects in the 4-6. But the thing that sets the two series apart is the realism of the 4-6, things like battered helmets, dirty greasy landing gear and vehicles, the whole thing has a realism, all the CGI in the latter films was too slick and clean and i just dont like them I loved the Family guy series though especially the bike chase and the gratuitous violence making the captured empire guys did their own graves with their helmets

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