Starling Cycles at Bespoked…

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  • Starling Cycles at Bespoked…
  • thepodge

    There has always been talk of stuff but never any hint at when things might be due

    Premier Icon shaggy

    I think Cy learnt the hard way about giving out information too early.

    Lots in the pipeline for Starling Cycles, see the website for a summary of my hopes.

    Also, I’m planning on taking advantage of my aerospace research connections to come up with some truly interesting stuff…


    Hover bike?

    Swoop, Hover all good names for a bird related bike company!

    Premier Icon jam bo

    If it hasn’t got a name already, you should call it the starling murmur.

    Lots of comments on the length of the Cotic, my blue test bike has the same reach but doesn’t look like a gate.

    See my website for some pictures. And also some reviews from Dirt and Enduro Mtb

Viewing 7 posts - 41 through 47 (of 47 total)

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