Stans ZTR Crest 29er rim problems

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  • Stans ZTR Crest 29er rim problems
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    I have a set of these, bought as a set of Hope Hoops. They are insanely tight to get tyres onto. I have tried to fit Conti Mountain Kings, Kenda Karmas, Bontrager somethings and (by way of experimentation) Schwalbe Kojaks and Conti Gatorskins.

    I cannot get any of these tyres onto the rim without such heavy use of levers that the tube doesn’t stand a chance. Even without a tube any of these tyres is a serious fight. Getting them off is also a total pain. Bruised knuckles, damaged tyre levers, sweat and much cussing.

    Are these rims notoriously tight? Is there a particular sort of tyre that works wonderfully? Any particular tricks?

    Or have I just got an evil pair? 🙂

    (I’m not a huge expert, but I can usually fit and remove tyres without injuring myself…)

    Thanks all.

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    pretty sure others have said the same – have a search, there are probably some tyres that will go on 😯


    Washing up liquid worked on my 26″ crests. Have a high roller on the front and a Lust crossmark on the back. Was tight to get on, but sealed pretty much instantly.

    Schwalbe Ralphs and Rons seem to fit fine. Easier without a tube.


    Ardent front & Crossmark rear on mine. Bit tight but no real dramas.

    Why the tube BTW? You do know they are a tubeless ready rim, which may explain why they are tighter than some other rims 😉

    I have Arch EX which are just a beefed up version of the Crest and find all Schwalbe tyres no problem to get on without levers. However, tried a Geax Saguaro TNT recently and not a flippin chance 👿

    You could try electrical tape or Stans yellow tape instead of your normal rim strip, it will free up some room in the central channel.


    My Specialized tyres are easy enough to get on and off.

    Aren’t gatorskins (assuming theyre tourer type ones) a bit narrow to try and get on MTB rims?

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    I have exactly the same type of wheels and have fitted Maxxis Aspens and Beavers, and also a Spesh Purgatory with no trouble at all – although I run tubeless with Stan’s yellow tape & sealant. I just make sure the bead is in the deepest part of the central groove in the rim before pushing/levering the last bit of bead over the edge of the rim.

    TBH, if you want to get the best out of the wheelset, ditch the tubes and go tubeless – in general, if the tyres are a tight squeeze over the rim, they’ll be easier to inflate tubeless.

    If you really need to keep the tubes, you could always try a bit of washing up liquid to try and help get the final bit of bead over the rim.

    Good luck!

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    Conti X King (folding bead, 29″) went on mine pretty easily, no need for soapy water or anything.


    2012 Schwalbe tyres are tighter than older ones. I managed tubeless after a considerable struggle and don’t rockon I could fit a tube in case of puncture.


    There’s loads of info on the notubes site about the 29er Crests being very tight with a lot of tyres, even to the point of throwing the (rather slack to start with) spoke tension off on some rears.

    The latest Schwalbes being particularly tough, the older ones are OK, Bonty TLRs were very tight too for me
    Conti Race Kings are OK on mine


    Also have hoops with 29er crest.
    Have used conti race and x king as well as Spesh captain
    All with no problem.

    On a side note why are you worried about the tube with a stans rim that’s designed for use as tubeless


    I have found Spesh tyres generally, and Conti Mountain Kings a sinch to get on – no need for levers with the tyre right in the central groove – and I’m notoriously rubish at getting tyres on. I wonder whether it’s the luck of the batch. I had two sets of Roval Traversees, one of which was very tight, the other was not.

    Premier Icon BigDummy

    Thanks all, I’ll have an experiment.

    Sounds like we may need to go tubless. I was hoping to delay it for the moment, but frankly if a tubeless set-up cannot be bodged out of trouble with a tube in the back of beyond then I’m not going to trust it anyway. Hey ho.



    I think it may just be your technique it has been touched on here but the trick to getting tight tires on is to press the bead in the middle of the rim giving you the greatest space to slip the tire on. Or your running too thick a rim strip remember they are designed for the super thin yellow tape and a tight tubeless fit. Don’t give up on running tubeless it really is easy with the Stan’s rims onces set up.


    Start fitting opposite the valve, pushing the tyre into the well, and working it in in both directions, once it gets tight, go back to the beginning and start again. If you start at the valve then it’ll limit how deep it can go into the well, and therefore, how much slack you’ll have.To remove, push the tyre into the well opposite the valve, and work around as before to create slack at the valve where you can start removal.

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