Stans warranty on cracked spoke holes

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  • Stans warranty on cracked spoke holes
  • escrs

    So my Stan’s mk3 flow rims (11 months old) have cracked between various spoke holes

    They were built into Hope hubs by CRC and I have emailed them regarding warranty

    Has anyone else had this issue and did Stans just replace the rim?


    I had the same with a Mk3 wheelset. Palligap built it up with a new rim and spokes and shipped it to Italy too, as I was guiding out there for a while and they were my spares. Good service


    As long as they are not over max spoke tension I have had no issues with Stans warranty.

    I have seen quite a few cracked Flows over max spoke tension, some freshly built.

    I had the same thing on a CRC built wheelset with MK3 Arch rims,Paligap replaced the rim (rear driveside was cracked around quite a few spoke holes) no problems but it took a long time-6 or 7 weeks from memory.
    May be worth speaking to Paligap direct,if they will do that.


    This seems to be a pretty common fault (though I guess there are a lot of Stans rims out there). It’s certainly put me off buying them again.


    I was concerned when I discovered the mk3 is both significantly wider and lighter than mk3.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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