Stans tubeless tape in Mavic rim?

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  • Stans tubeless tape in Mavic rim?
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    Am trying to seal a Mavic carbon rim with Stans tape. However, it doesn’t seem to be flexible enough to fit into the rim bed – when I try to push it in the tape splits cracks.

    Do I need Mavic tape specifically? Maybe Mavic tape is more stretchy? or am I being a numpty?

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    I’ve never taped a Mavic rim but I think the yellow wtb tape I’ve used on wtb rims is the same stuff. I just got the first bit stuck down and pulled the tape really tight to the point of slightly stretching it all the way round the wheel bed. Made sure it was stuck down but I didn’t go out of my way to really push the tape into the middle well of the tyre afterwards. Taped 2 wheelset now and been running them a while with no dramas. They went up straight away first time and no burping. Run them as low as 20psi and up towards 30psi.

    As long as the tape is stuck down enough not to come away from the rim and it’s sealed tight and you get the valve bit right then it should just work.

    I think I’ve read that Bird sell a tape that’s a bit thinner and more flexible if you really want to get it stuck down in the well – although I think you need more wraps around the wheel to get it airtight.

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    Bird bikes tape is thinner, more flexible, stickier and cheaper than stan’s.

    Plus it needs to be warm to be slightly flexible. Electric tape is actually really good. Very flexible and doesn’t leave any residue.


    I use gorilla tape and electric tape in road rims. Works just as well. Electric is brilliant, sticky and pulls tight


    try warming it with a hair dryer


    Mavic say you should use mavic tape but then they would say that.

    I used stans tape in mine x2 and then I put a tyre and tube in at 100 psi and leave it for a few days. Let the tube stretch and stick it in place.

    if you must use stans buy the unbranded stans off ebay aka Tesa Tape 4289,

    its 66 metres for a cheaper price, they do come in different widths, i use 25mm width on 28-30mm internal rims.

    As others have said a hair dryer to heat the tape up and fasten around tightly..

    gorilla tape works well, but be warned the grey residue takes hours and a couple of finger nails to scrape off.

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    I had to seal a Mavic rim and bought some waterproof tape off eBay for about £4. Worked a treat.

    just checked, was £3

    duct gaffer waterproof cloth tape should find it


    +1 on using Gorilla Tape; sealed my Hopes up a treat and cost about £3 a roll at the LBS.


    wrap of electric tape followed by wrap of gorilla tape to pad out; never failed yet.

    Which reminds me; I need to do my sons bike; it came with tubes !


    clear gorilla tape leaves zero residue.

    found tesa/stans tape to just be crap.

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