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  • Premier Icon Capt. Kronos

    Simple one really – do I remove the existing rim tape (Kore Chastity Belt) or put the Stans over the top? No mention of removing the existing stuff in the destructions but I suspect that I am supposes to.


    Arrggghh ‘destructions’…

    Seriously though, there’s a ‘how to’ video on the Notubes website that explains exactly how to do it and he fits it straight to the rim. Even roughs it up first with some fine sandpaper

    Premier Icon MSP

    Remove existing tape, give rim a bit of a clean to make sure no dirt gets trapped underneath that might prevent it from sticking and sealing properly. Then install new tape.

    There is a vid on the stans website, its worth having a quick gander.

    Premier Icon MrGreedy

    Stans yellow tape rather than a rimstrip? If so, remove the existing tape. The Stans tape won’t stick as well otherwise.

    Or take out rim tape then run two turns of 50p insulation tape round the rim 😉

    Premier Icon Capt. Kronos

    Thought so – on my phone at the moment so couldnt check the video.



    Remove old, rough up rim (fnarr), degrease, apply tape in a warm place (wibble).

    Gorilla Tape is brilliant, seals & never peels and VFM from Screwfix.

    Was it just the cold weather recently making the tape impliable or did I completely F-up insalling my yellow tape? I’ve not used it before so not sure how it should go on.

    I couldn’t get it to go round the rim and bend into the central well. In the end I gave up and got it in as well as I could then put a tyre and tube in. Haven’t taken it appart yet to see whether it’s seated properly.


    You need to have everything nice and warm to apply Stans tape – as said before.
    Insualtion tape or Gorilla tape works just as well and is much easier to apply.


    You REALLY have to pull hard on the tape to stretch it out to get it to stick and seat properly! He makes it look easy on the vid, but he’s really pulling!


    Damn, I didn’t pull nearly that hard, didn’t roughen up the rim surface before applying the tape either. :/
    Oh well, it will last as long as it lasts.

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