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  • Stans rim causes tyre destruction….
  • Premier Icon Northwind

    Paint is pretty ropey tbh. I’ve only ever had black Stans and they’ve all been really well finished… Was the defect metal or paint out of curiosity? If it’s metal and part of hte rim, then that’s probably not too good since there really shouldn’t be sticky-out bits on an extrusion… Or is it at the weld?

    Premier Icon rickon

    It was on the rim, not at the weld. IT could have been a bit of swarf that had been painted over, it needed 600 grit to remove it, so thinking about it probably wasn’t paint.

    I’ve had quite a few Stans rims, and this is the only one with a bit sticking out I’ve seen.

    Premier Icon Northwind

    Mmm. I think I’d have been tempted to send it back tbh, could be just the tip of a bigger iceberg. Though probably not

    Premier Icon rickon

    Hi chaps,

    I got what appeared to be a tubeless snake bite – a hole near the bead of one of my tyres, which was 2 rides old, and wouldn’t seal. It’s a tony hole, about 2mm across, and less than 0.5mm wide, but it wont seal.

    After some examintation the Arch Ex rim I have had been painted a little badly, and there is a sharp defect – which has punctured the tyre. It’s pretty obvious it’s the culprit, it’s opposite the hole, and is a sharp 1mm spike.

    I photographed this, and the tyre and emailled Wiggle to let them decide what to do – as the rim I bought has cost me a £45 tyre, well a £22.50 per ride tyre….

    The response wasd to send the rim back for warranty.

    So, my problem is that the rim has destroyed a new tyre – the rim I’ve fixed now by using emery cloth to remove the defect. I’ve still got the photos, and the tyre. I was expecting at least an offer to sorting out a replacement tyre after inspection of the rim.

    Am I wrong to expect that? I now will inspect every new rim I buy for defects, but just didn’t see this, or expect it as it should have been caught by QA.

    Pretty poor photo, but it’s a tiny speck to the right of my thumb on the rim – it felt very sharp, and has been rubbing its way through my tyre.

    I’ve patched the tyre with a patch and some superglue from the inside, and pulled some glue through from the other side with a pick. So hopefully it’ll hold up <fingersCrossed>



    b r

    I’m surprised you didn’t notice it when you put on the yellow tape, as I’d have thought you’d have snagged a finger on it.

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