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  • Stans regular sealant – watery?
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    So I used to use Stans years ago, then switched to OrangeSeal. However, recently I thought I’d give Stans another go. It seems Stans is quite watery now, even after giving the bottle a good ol shake for at least a minute. And I noticed last night after having to swap a tyre that it has not left a coating on the inside of the tyre like OrangeSeal used to.

    Admitted I’ve not flatted since using it – but does this sound right?

    Premier Icon johnw1984
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    Yeah, I’ve used both of those sealants (back on Stans now).

    Orange was just drying out in the tyre before I even had chance to puncture! Stans is quite thin by comparison, but it’s always worked when the hole has been small enough to seal.

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