Stans race gold 29er rear wheel – creaking.

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  • Stans race gold 29er rear wheel – creaking.
  • Mine doesn’t have a creak but has developed a tapping/ knocking noise.

    I’ve recently had the rims and spokes replaced on these as I was fed up with having to true the wheel every time I went out on them.

    Was going to strip the hub down tonight to try and figure it all out. Good luck finding your creak


    Never had an issue with my golds justs stick to the recommended spoke tensions
    Have seen a fair few other stans rim with a loose bit. Ratting in side them , mostly hope hoops but not always
    But not seen that this year

    Hopfuly theanswer is in the hub

    Or try putting a little lube round the spoke nipples


    Anyone else have these wheels and/or experience the rear wheel creaking a lot? I thought it might have been due to loose spokes but I got the spokes tightened and there is still lots of creaking coming from it. Common problem??


    tapping/ knocking noise

    Mine could almost be described as that too, but more of a creak mostly.



    Yes, my 26er anthem (crest rims on a DTSwiss 350 hub) creaks like crazy on every pedal stroke harder than “just keeping the wheels turning” unless I do the QR up tightly enough. You could also try greasing the dropouts and/or QR. The actual creak actually sounded like it was coming from just behind the bottom bracket somewhere but with the QR tight, nothing.


    Try removing the freewheel, cleaning it up and regreasing the pawls? This worked in my 3.30 hub.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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