Stans or other brand milk in car wheels.

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  • Stans or other brand milk in car wheels.
  • 5plusn8

    I hate flippin aloys, they are always leaking, every alloy wheel I have ever had has leaked, from Mini Cooper race alloys,  XR2 pepperpots, Peugeots, Landcruiser, Merc and now the wifes ford KA. The tyre shops use some kind of glue last time, but I have perpetual leaks.This one goes down every week.

    So is it worth whacking some milk in there?


    The wheels need the back side blasting (as I bet that’s where they’re corroded) and re-sealing and painting properly, it’ll be the powdercoat/paint lifting and the alloy going porous as a result.

    Stans won’t fix it.

    If you’re a fan of DIY, get some masking tape, some 5 wheel silver, a drill with a wire brush attachment, and sort it out yourself.

    If you’re not a fan of DIY, find a bodyshop who’s not adverse to a cash job and ask them if they can help. 🙂


    My cars wheels are in the same condition, I jusually just stick half a can of holts tyre weld in each one to seal them up until the next tyre change.  Worked pretty well until the last time where the valve became partially blocked.


    Update, about a week after this I used some orange seal that mate in bike shop got for free from the rep. Applied to the main culprit wheel and not had a leak yet. The three other wheels have gone done repeatedly so I have just ordered a big bottle and going to do them all.
    Easy to do, I rocked up at the tyre inflator in tesco fuel station, let the tyre down, took the schrader core out, pumped in the juice using the little application pack. I had to get a larger bore bit of tube beforehand from the aquatic specialists down the road to go over the schrader but it worked nice, I dumped 500ml in,  refitted the valve and inflated.

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    I sued that weldtite ‘repair in a can’ stuff on the the steel wheels on my wife’s Beetle and it did the job. Bloke who fitted new tyres a few months later said he often does it as a matter of course on older wheels as they always go porous.

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    I had a persistent leak from my winter tyres on alloys on old car. Banged in 100 ml of stans and never leaked again. Also my tractor lost air from both front tyres from new. Would go right down over 3-4 week period. Again, a 100 mls of Stans in each and I haven’t had to put more air in for past 3 years.

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    Bet the valve cores were just loose!

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    Use orange seal in leaky Moto Trials rear wheels – usually works on the newer type solid rims.

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