Stans Olympic or 355s too flimsy ?

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  • Stans Olympic or 355s too flimsy ?
  • hh45

    You probably want Crests or Arches at that weight and if you do much bouncing around. My Olympic front rim had a crack after 3 years and I weigh a lot less and don’t get airborne. That said, I can be clumsy.

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    I’ve been riding 355s for over 5yrs on a Yeti 575 and then ASR5. Still on the same rims. I’m not as heavy as you, but they’ve been good. They were replaced by Crests in the line up


    I have 355s on XT hubs on my Trance X2, I am lighter than you (67kg) but they have taken a good old pounding.

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    I have seen some of these cheap but am told they are race day rims only. I am 13 stone and use 2.25 tyres and pretty much wheels on the ground so will I die or will they be fine for general riding?

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    You’ll be just fine. I’ve had 355s on my Blur for the past 3 years and they’re still perfect.

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    13 stone here (just under)
    Olympics on the hard tail for 4 years, bought 2nd hand had peaks and trail centre hammer (no real jumping etc) still find and perfect true, feel a bit flexy but not overly so, where originally a hand built custom wheel set spoke tension still feels good
    Had 355’s on full Suss similar riding, bent front and had to replace after 3 months, on a tree root at Canuck
    Bent rear (just about managed to true it back) on a skills day with Jedi
    355’s where hope hoops build always felt really flexy and not confidence inspiring at all, so in end I got rid and got Flows, they are great solid and bombproof
    Not sure if issues where with rims or partly spoke tension/build but either way if you go for them prob worth getting checked over by a good wheelbuilder first as my two pairs of similar wheels where worlds apart


    355’s for at least 3yrs, I’m 12.5st,and running Hans dampfs and am not really wheels on ground riding most of the time, mine have been fine bar one broken spoke.
    Never noticed any flex and confidence issues, they are great.


    I use both on Hope Pro IIs. Light tyres on the Olympics and heavier tyres on the 355. For racing and general use Olympics are fine and have taken a real battering when used on hardtail and fs. For most day to day stuff I use the 355s, I think this probably more to do with the tyre choice though. Hope that helps confuse you more.

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    They’ll be fine.

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    I’ve got Olympics on my xc bike, they’ve been plenty strong (rode a section on the rim at a race earlier this year, scratches and minor dings but no real fuss, I was quite impressed. Skinny, mind.

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