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  • Stans flow ex 650b – info/opinions ??
  • andyt1054


    I’m looking to buy a set of stans flow 650b wheels and use my existing tubeless easy tires on my five this winter.

    I’ve decided on the stans flow wheel set would best suit my needs however I’m struggling to find them with the hope 2 hubs, does anyone know if they are still available with these hubs? Or just stans own.

    Also do they fit with rear through axles?

    Sorry for the daft questions

    Any help or info is gratefully received !




    I’ve got set with Hope 2’s and yes they are fine with rear axles. Google search they pop up everywhere.


    Hope do their own rims now so just get your local bike shop to build you some with Flow rims.

    Premier Icon mactheknife

    Flows are the daddy of all rims IMO, especially tubeless. I have never had any issues with them no matter how hard i ragged them.

    I was in the bike shop today to put an order for exactly what you were looking for and it turns out there was no way for him to order online the flow / evo hub combo in 650b from hope. There were availability for both crest and arch rims but not flow.

    He tried to get a hold of hope to clarify but as he has a very good wheelbuilder working for him i just decided to get a set build up for the same price that the would cost from hope.

    Bikeneil, i am sure they are ace rims but for a 650b wheelset they come in about 200g heavier than if built with flows. I know it doesnt sound like much but i would rather lose that weight and keep with something i know works very well.



    Thanks for all the info guys! Really helpful !

    Mac – I think I might do just that mate, cheers!!

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    I’m getting Flow EX 650b on Pro2 Evo as well. My 26″ Flow EX on Pro2 SP Evo have been excellent and I expect the same.

    Rather than going the Hope Hoops route as I have done most recently, I am going down the local wheel builder route as well – due to the availability issues mentioned above.

    Premier Icon colinimrod

    I found the same problem recently that few places had them in stock. All Terrain Cycles have them however. Also Just Riding Along will build a set for you (check their online custom wheel ordering tool).

    I just replaced a rather hefty stock Sun Inferno wheelset on a Norco Range with Flow Ex / Pro2s. Decently wide and pleasingly clicky. A bastard to set up tubeless with Hans Dampfs however. An Airshot to the rescue….


    Gotta be honest, I’d take the Dt Swiss Ex471 every single time (owned both). Much, much tougher, lighter too.
    If you can find the extra money, the Dt Swiss EX1501 wheelset will be better in ever way than hope/flow (I currently own Dt swiss 1501 and hope pro 2 evo wheelsets)

    Premier Icon mactheknife

    Hey wrecker, i hadn’t thought of Dt Swiss rims. I wish i had seen this thread before i put my order in with my LBS. 🙁


    Got them on my bike, they’re great (about £400 for a set with the Hope 2 hubs if I recall rightly). Can’t recall having any issues finding them with the Hope hub in though, thought that was the staple for them…?

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