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  • Stans Arch 29. What tyres work well tubeless?
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    Ok. Going with Stans arch 29er rims. I want to go tubeless but have no patience. What tyres should
    I use. Surrey Hills, Swinley are my main ride spots.




    I’ve had success with Conti Race King, Maxxis Ignitor and Maxxis Ardent. Only the latter was I able to inflate without a CO2 canister, but once inflated, they all held their pressure well enough.


    I’ve just taken a Maxxis Crossmark (2.1″) off my Arch rims after about a thousand tubeless miles. Just too floppy now, and has started burping (during a race 🙂

    But until then I was very happy with it – went up with just a track pump and soapy water when it was younger, and worked well in both dry and muddy conditions (29er, rear).

    Maxxis Ardent worked well on the front until the weather got too gloopy, and I’ve now got Bonty Mud-x up front, and 29-3 at the back. Pumping like a loon is enough to get them on – not had to use CO2. The Bontrager’s are quite tight fitting though – you do need to _want_ to get them on.

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    Thanks for the tips.

    Any more?


    The only tyres I have managed to inflate with a pump on my 29er Arch’s are Bonty Mud X’s. All others have needed the garage airline, but once up have been fine, even if you deflate them to top up the sealant, they have stayed up in the bead and gone back up with a track pump. They include maxxis Crossmark, Nevegals and Stans Ravens (suprised these needed the airline).


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    On Flow 29s Bonty MudX go up easy and work well in mud and snow – not too bad on ice for a non studded tyre – well not that bad.

    Also used Crossmark and Ardent. All went up with a track pump.

    On the Flow 26s all the Bonty TLRs I’ve used have been good.


    Have done nevegals, mud x ardents, square blocks all by foot pump piece of piss all great tyres

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    If you want the least amount of hassle you need tubeless ready tyres. I have used Maxxis Aspen and Ardent non tubeless and they work really well once you have them setup initially, which can be a bit of a chore.

    However, I just fitted some Hutchinson Toro 29er’s which are tubeless ready and they inflated first time with a track pump. Bontrager also do really good tubeless ready tyres.

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