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  • Stans Alpha rim wear
  • Ive been using these since September last year and it looks like they’ve worn out, or at least the rim track is quite concave and I cant see the wear indicators anymore!

    Now I appreciate these are a light weight rim, but this seems a bit excessive?

    Why are they likely to have worn out so quickly? Are they made from some really soft/shit alloy?

    I’m using swissstop green pads and have never had this happen before.

    in a word, they’re not very durable. They are VERY soft, I guess that’s how they’re so light. I have one that’s showing loads of wear after very little use too.

    Why are they likely to have worn out so quickly?

    Because they’re light & thin and you’ve ridden them through winter.

    So really I should have used my winter wheels then? 😀

    Just had a look on the JRA website, half tempted by some Velocity A23s since my Aeroheads seemed to wear well. However, they’re a bit heavier than my Stans.

    Has anyone had an experience with DT swiss road wheels, or more specifically the RR415 rim?

    Similar weight to an Aerohead, but I’m a bit dubious since DT had a habit of making rims out of shite alloy a fews years ago. Is this still the case or are these any good?


    Not exactly super durable – my rear lasted 8 months then my bike started making clicking noises – after trying many of the usual things it turned out all the spoke holes were cracked.


Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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