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    Anyway people, if you enjoy riding Stainburn and fancy putting a bit back, we're digging again on Sunday 7th March. Aim is to crack on with the Descent Line extension.

    See the SingletrAction forum for details,

    I don't think that Blower would ever comment about being better than others just cos they were on DH bikes and him on an hardtail, he's just not like that.

    However, I've been out in the Peak with Blower, me on an expensive full sus and him on a cobbled together singlespeed put together the day before by LukeB :(.

    He still roasted everyone on the climbs and descents – that lad needs his brakes binding on.

    TBH he is the fastest rider uphill and downhill that I have ever ridden with, but he only ever seems bothered that everyone has had a good time.


    Dangerousbeans,who might you be?


    the dudes on the big rigs pass us mere morsals at a frightning pace .

    ive done the double black wbt on a ht full sus xc & a dh ….dh everytime for me that place is mental.

    i can clear it all but hell its a beauty & a bike killer

Viewing 5 posts - 41 through 45 (of 45 total)

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