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  • Stainburn – PSA/How you can help over the next month! (not digging)
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    Since I know a few people here visit Stainburn often and maybe know others who do I thought this worth a mention.

    Two absolutely EPIC* volunteer trailbuilding days this month have seen us able to place over 30T of surface about the hillside (Descent line and the climb) where it was soarly needed. But with the snow and the fact we can’t close the hill for it to settle and pack down – YOU can actually really help, in the following ways.

    If you’re pushing up, please consider pushing up the climb line for one of the goes, the act of walking on the loose surface with good heavy straight down steps will help pack it down.

    If you are climbing the climb line consider dismounting and stomping on any bits you see that have been churned up. There are a few sections which are a bit steep near the top which seem catch the wheel slip.

    Please resist the urge to skid, shred etc. Just for a month… it will be worth it, promise.

    Lastly be aware much of the descent line has new loose surface on it, so be a bit careful on the corners and enjoy the renewed surface!

    I know these sound like taking the edge off your visit, but think of it as an investment, if the new surface gets the chance to compact it will last for years, and be in perfect condition for summer.

    Stainburn is a small site and the FE don’t do any of the work there, its all volunteer graft, if the team don’t have to go back and patch these bits it will mean we can start on the new stuff and other improvements instead!

    Big Thanks, and please spread around to anyone you know who might be visiting.

    *not going OTT here, people barrowed full barrows of surface all day (and probably are only just regaining the use of their arms). Legends each and every one of them.

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    Hope the mods will forgive me two bumps with this to catch the evening and then the Saturday crowds tomorrow.


    Bump, and emailed to my mates who ride there.

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    Cheers Wozza

    It occured to me last night I should add it is just the top section of the climb which has been surfaced, once you come back out of the trees. So no need to push up the whole thing if you don’t want to, though it is less sloppy than the main push. 🙂

    The forcast is mostly dry for the next week so if even just a hand full of people take the time to stomp bits down (last run of the day if you’re there in the evening) and generally trample it could really help, if 20 or so do it certainly will.

    Thanks again.

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    I don’t much excuse to push up the climb line…. 😉

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    Was up there today and stamped on it as much of it as i could. It was quite firm so i presume lots of people have been doing the same.

    Also, can i just say that the top of the boulder trail from the car park is running really fast at the moment and is lots and lots of fun. Excellent work you guys do up there as always.

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