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    Just throwing this up in case the relevant people read these pages.

    Everyone one else please carry on with your day and may warm fuzzy feelings be with you.

    Closed trails are closed. Big rocks and lots of branches across trails means they are closed. It was pretty obvious. First off, new sections can’t be opened with Forestry OK. If they’re opened w/out you put at risk further trail development. By not letting newly built features settle you set back the trail builders progress as repairs will likely be needed, and make us FAR LESS LIKELY to build similar things in the future. Also the big rock you threw away was earmarked for another project. Hopefully when the snow clears we can find it.

    You want to speed things up? We all want to get things done faster. Trail-building days are the first Sunday of the month. All are welcome. (but maybe don’t mention to the others you took it upon yourself to open the jumps).

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    Plea from Knacker ST trail chief “the longer the trail has a chance to settle, the longer it will last before repair as the surface consolidates and compacts before tyres try rip it up and may it loose etc”

    All help & understanding appreciated! Cheers.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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