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  • Staffordshire Bull Terriers… Great With Kids.
  • You know very well what I mean a staff is barely the same animal as a spaniel. Like a lion to a cat.

    Ho hum

    I’d make it law that to have a powerful breed you need a license that is obtained by finishing a 20hr dog training course, soon see who actually needs a bull terrier then.

    Dog ownership in this country does need regulating.

    As an analogy take car ownership and being licensed to drive.

    Even though driving standards on average are not so good at the moment, can you imagine what it would be like going out on the roads if you could just buy a licence at your local shop?

    Regulation and licensing does improve standards, on average.

    However, they would not completely eradicate attacks.

    Of course it makes perfect sense, it also tests the potential owner as completing a course requires commitment and being trained with the correct knowledge gives them even less excuse in a legal situation for having an unruly animal.


    Something has to be done to plug the neverending glut of humanity. I say breed more dangerous dogs and let them loose to hunt in packs. If they happen to eat a kid then that’s 5000 nappies out of the landfill which offends me far more than some dog mauling crap.

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    You know very well what I mean a staff is barely the same animal as a spaniel. Like a lion to a cat.

    Lion to a cat really?

    A Staffie is a dog just like a spaniel not a freaking Wolf.

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    Bull terriers were bred specifically to fight and be aggressive, this is in their make-up
    Anyone who allows one to be alone with their child needs their head examining in my book
    I’ve seen several kids mauled by terrier type dogs, along with a girl two weeks ago that had been killed
    Not a pretty sight I’m afraid


    Some perspective

    As with most of the dog cases the people are mostly at fault, breading and “training” as I can’t think of a better work – perhaps conditioning of some dogs is appalling. There is also a difference between the pit bull end of things (banned fairly unsuccessfully) and the Staffie with plenty claiming their Pit Bulls are staffies hence bluring things even more – these are the ones more likely to be conditioning their dogs to be penis extensions these days.


    Surely though, if you can put aside your prejudices and media fed fears for a second, and apply rational thought..

    The folk that want these dogs banned are shooting themselves in the foot no..?

    As a rule, the dogs that are attacking, whatever the breed, are attacking family members..
    And we all understand (hopefully) that any dogs behaviour is pretty much entirely down to how responsible the owners are..
    Shibboleth blindly hates tattoos, bull terriers, and I’m guessing from previous threads, his idea of ‘undesirable’ folk in general.. so these dogs are doing him a favour –

    restricting the gene pool of those that he most fears, he should be championing them really.


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    You’ve lifted something off a small claims companies website? Are they even on companies house?!

    Are you really asking this or are you having a laugh….

    I can see where Pitchpro is coming from here. Now I hate to tar all Staffie owners with the same brush but.. if & when I enter a prison cell you can almost guarantee that if the occupant of that cell has a picture of his dog on his picture board it will be a Bull Terrier of some sort.
    There again, I know of two staff members who own Staffies & they’ve had no trouble with them. I just don’t like them at all. (the dog breed that is)
    We’ve got a Cavalier Spaniel who has trouble with Gravybones never mind kids faces.


    I firmly believe that society is under a far greater threat from the sort of folk that comment on the Daily Mail website, than it is from a breed of dog that happens to be popular with foolish and irresponsible owners..



    I had a bull terrier as a kid. The funny looking white ones for those who mention bull terriers as a general breed.
    It was the softest dog I’ve ever come across. I could telll you stories about it all night.
    I now have an 11 year old patterdale, it’s lived by my daughter side since it was 6 weeks old, she was 1 when we got it. If she’s in, it’s never within 3 feet from her, sleeps on the floor by her bed.
    There is bad in every dog, as there is bad in every human.
    There is also good.

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